Why caregivers in the bay area want $20 per hour

IHSS, In home health support services in the counties in the bay area pay $15 per hour and families have a hard time finding caregivers without paying the additional $5 per hour from their pockets.

With the high standard of living, hourly caregivers must pay high rent and have to work more than 20hrs per day x 30 days. Caregivers are not only assisting homebound seniors who have health issues but also cook, perform light housekeeping and other duties from shopping to coordinating care and medications. They are now a very important team in the health care service area of home health , delivering the appropriate continuity of holistic care in real time as health changes and various factors affect the health of seniours.

Motherhealth caregivers provide compassionate and holistic care, contact Connie 4088541883 for faster response and get feedback from former and current clients, be referred to a care home of 6-bed, assisted living facilities, and a free senior home care concierge from Motherhealth.


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