Women perform 75 percent of the world’s unpaid work — effectively subsidizing the global economy. They do 60 percent more household work than men.

Our mothers labored for us for 9 months and delivered us in less than 10 hrs, breastfed us for min 3months and worked until 12am to care for all members in her family except herself.

Let us acknowledge and give thanks to all mothers for raising a family and working for the betterment of our society. Our only hope as mothers is that we raised our children well, responsibly and compassionately.

Happy mother’s day. Special mention to my mom who worked until she was 83 in California and died of liver cancer, fighting the battle of the past economic poverty and poor living conditions in the Philippines. Cancer has evolved over 40 yrs of her life and could not stop its progress. But we reminded her that her spirit will live on forever even when the body expires.

A hug to all moms. You are special and loved.