These care homes are licensed as Residential Care Facility for the elderly, 6 clients with 2 caregivers in a care home setting. Service charge for care in a care home is between $4k to $6k, private or shared room. After staying in a rehab or nursing facility or hospital, your parents wanted to go home and there are choices of caregivers in their homes or care homes to be shared with 5 more seniors.

I can help you find a care home for your love ones. There is gourmet food, 24 7 caregivers and a place you can call home to be shared with total of 6 seniors with 2 caregivers, and 1 administrator.

What to expect? Family members can help in the care 1 or 2x a week or visit every day if preferred.

Call Connie 4088541883 , , senior concierge specialist to refer a care home facility for you in Northern California

If you want a caregiver in your house, we also match you with a caregiver and accepts long term care insurance if you have one.

Our love ones have shorter lifespan and we want to provide them with a loving environment where they are treated like family.