Home health holistic care tips July 2021

Seeking collaborators. Please send in your articles on what you want covered in the upcoming ebook about home health for the 50plus until death.

Topics: hospice care, home care, caregivers, cancer, tube feeding, death, appetite, constipation, oxygen use, medications, anxiety, exercise, nutrition, herbs, alternative medicine, pets, music, massage, oils

This ebook on holistic home health care for the 50s, 60,70s,80s,90s will include topics close to your heart like dying, spiritual, emotional and physical tolls in home care. Caregiving, nursing care, home health care, hospice care and other alternative healing modalities to aid and comfort chronically ill and terminally ill love ones and home alone seniors.

What total home care concierge mean? What to prepare before your love ones return home from the hospital, rehab, nursing homes and all the home care preparations that go with illness and dying.

All topics are welcome. Email your articles to Connie at
We seek to help families navigate home care, caregiving, caregivers, hospice, home health teams and all the holistic approaches to living, getting sick and dying.

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