At 20, I worked as a high school science and math teacher full time while finishing my last year in college. It took 3 hrs for my bus to take me home with heavy traffic. My parents would meet me at around 11pm in the bus stop, afraid I will be kidnapped and be forced to marry my kidnapper.  When I started earning, I gave my paycheck to my mom to help my family of 6 siblings, where I’m the oldest.

After I completed my 5 yrs in college, I worked at Intel, Philippines and then at Acer, Taiwan. I arrived in Taiwan with only $50 in my pocket and was fortunate to be given free housing by Acer. All the time, I shared my paycheck to my mom to help my brothers and sisters, one completed computer engineering and migrated to Australia.

After 4 yrs in Taipei, I moved to California with only $500 in my pocket and received my working permit, 30days before my visa expires. I was blessed to have a place to stay in Santa Clara at the house of my former coworker at Intel.

I got married at 32 and had 2 children born at home with midwives. When I returned to work after 2 yrs of staying with my little ones and studying midwifery and medical books, I moved from one company to another to be able to pick up my children from school and care for them. I got divorced after 8 yrs of marriage and was busy raising my children who are now college graduates.

And at 55, I took care of my mother with liver cancer while starting my home care agency business. I also helped send my 6 nieces and nephews to college. Last year I completed my first ebook about cancer since both my parents died of lung and liver cancer.

Now, I’m with Lifescience Plus.