I was listening to Dr Andrew Hubberman and Dr Sinclair on aging and other topics this morning. Eggs and butter are healthy. Xrays can harm our cells over time. I was also caring for a senior with Dementia few days ago who loves to use her nail color which contains inhalants and drinks less water and a glass of white wine at night with her meds.

Do remember that alcohol potentiates meds and promote aging.

See https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/03/01/list-of-things-that-kill-brain-cells-the-death-of-neurons/

Do take your Vitamin B complex in the morning and fat soluble vitamins at night since we synthesize cholesterol at night. Do sleep at night following the circadian rhythm.

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This year 2022, I will regularly do weight lifting and aerobics as I missed my zumba years when I use to teach zumba. I will also limit my over eating especially sugary chocolates.

May all our wishes come true in the coming years. Live life savoring each moment and sharing memories.