We narrowed our best list from 25 to 5. We try to finish a small chore from our list each moment we can accommodate it in our scheduled list. We narrow our choices in finding love, in finding a house, car and any choices with greater impact on our health, happiness and savings.

We can’t afford to waste time that we can spend walking on the beach, deep breathing or resting, savoring dishes we cooked with love and hugging our love ones.

We push our bodies to wake up and sleep at a set time, soaking in the sun each day.

As we age, what matters most is how we feel and not how others perceive us. We learn each day to not repeat our mistakes but strive to do better the next time. We hold no grudges as we forgive but not forget the lessons we learned from the event or person.

We try to cook more to save money and drive our old car until it need to be replaced. We go to thrift stores to find good bargain clothes and stuff. We use the internet to shop but click on the Close button to not buy but just satisfy our curiosity to shop.

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