Thanks to the internet we are still socially connected. Agreeing or disagreeing without meeting the person in person. We take on the day to day as if it is normal as before. We hug less and interact less.

Despite the many changes in health and jobs, we regain control of our future. We live for now and plan for a brighter future.

I am coordinating a high school and elementary reunions and some could not wait to meet others in person. Just knowing that we went to the same school and been with the same teachers, we are nostalgic about the past for remembering the happy memories, lessens our pain.

Support our reunion at

Email Connie at how we can support the reunion, local business around Manila and Pasay and donate some money for student materials to two schools: Nichols Air Base Elementary School and Pasay City South High School.

The future is our children and no matter the political differences we must thrive despite obstacles, politics and health.