Wear masks everyone!

Last Tuesday, I drove an elderly client to attend the Widower’s club. We wore masks inside. I learned the next day that she is positive from exposure to her family. So, I went to Trader’s Joe and bought pineapples, 1 for her and 2 for me. Her caregiver didn’t get COVID. I was checking my stacks of dietary supplements. So, I use bananas to swallow: Vit C, A, E, selenium, melatonin, Calcium +Magnesium=zinc, wormwood, probiotic, and clove supplements. I braced for the coming COVID and got my massage oil which I applied outside my nose and neck area. I spent a few minutes in the early morning sun on the roof deck. I have been boiling lemons and ginger. Massage oil is base of Apricot oil with added essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary.

On the 3rd day, Friday night my feet were very cold, and toes were cramping. I massaged my armpit with oil. And the next day, more colds and just rested. I ate the chicken soup with lots of garlic.

On the 4th day, I bought 2 more pineapples. I also had a beef soup from a Vietnamese restaurant.

The bone marrow is mostly responsible for making new red cells. Bone marrow is the soft tissue in the center of bones that helps form all blood cells.” src – Hemolytic anemia: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia One of the best ways I have found to heal the gut from inflammation is to fast with just a small amount of bone broth daily.

I had been brushing my teeth with baking soda, uses salt as mouthwash and drinking alkaline water.

I will be masking for the remaining 21days and staying away from crowds as much as possible. I am glad that I’m working remotely and had 3 Moderna vaccine shots, the last one was last Dec 1, 2021. I had my first COVID19 on Apr 22,2022.

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