I was asked about Alzheimer’s disease today. Yes, there are toxins in the brain 40 years ago that accumulated over time and was not prevented from reaching the brain and leaving the brain.

Toxins from bad microbes to other environmental toxins that is delivered by our blood vessels. Special function given to pericytes. How pericytes are weakened over time? So many questions the caller have for me. About how come there are no cure for Alzheimer and how best to diagnose it. I said I’m not a doctor. So preventive and ways to maintain good health even at 90s is still possible but this irreversible brain damage happened over time with many contributing factors and the brain can’t keep up with the toxins and entanglements.

From Wiki:
Pericytes (previously known as Rouget cells)[1] are multi-functional mural cells of the microcirculation that wrap around the endothelial cells that line the capillaries throughout the body.[2] Pericytes are embedded in the basement membrane of blood capillaries, where they communicate with endothelial cells by means of both direct physical contact and paracrine signaling.[3] The morphology, distribution, density and molecular fingerprints of pericytes vary between organs and vascular beds.[4][5]

Pericytes help to maintain homeostatic and hemostatic functions in the brain, one of the organs with higher pericyte coverage, and also sustain the blood–brain barrier.[6] These cells are also a key component of the neurovascular unit, which includes endothelial cells, astrocytes, and neurons.[7][8] Pericytes have been postulated to regulate capillary blood flow [9][10][11][12] and the clearance and phagocytosis of cellular debris in vitro.[13] Pericytes stabilize and monitor the maturation of endothelial cells by means of direct communication between the cell membrane as well as through paracrine signaling.[14] A deficiency of pericytes in the central nervous system can cause increased permeability of the blood–brain barrier.[6]