We wished our children are nurses or doctors.

And breastfed them as long as possible

As I did for 18m for my firstborn son and 3 yrs, at night for my daughter

Bless are those with loving children

Who cares for them when they’re sick

We laminate their diplomas in wood.

And proud to adorn our living rooms with their achievements.

We center our lives for them when they’re young

And at times until they have children

We forgo of our time to care for our grandchildren

Making sure that all can afford quality childcare.

We cook even for the exes of our daughters and sons.

We work until we are too old to move to help fund our grandchildren in college

We guard them when they’re young

Ensuring only positive energy at home

Even when we wish to scream

So, at the end we always sing to them before they go to sleep

Rock a bye baby and I love you forever and for always.