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Some US companies have a hard time over the phone and Microsoft Teams in understanding instructions from India. Not clear. One employee has to video it and still cant get it. So, I have to step in and train them in the process, step in adding digital certificate for example. Saved hours.

When it comes to speaking English, there is simply no competition to Filipinos in Asia. A random Filipino accent could be even sometimes confused for someone from native USA. That is how American it gets. Indian accent not only sounds funny but has quite a few distinctive usage phrases which only Indians can understand and no-one else. That’s the reason globally Indian English and Indian accent is ridiculed ’cause no one is able to understand it. The only consolation I can give is Indians probably have a better vocabulary (talking about educated and urban Indians here) when compared to Filipino counterparts. Filipino usage of some words seemed very weird to me (they say comfort room instead of wash room) and IMHO, they don’t really use a lot of jargonish words. To set the above context in motion, Indians have won too many Booker prizes etc. etc. so I guess writing comes naturally to Indians but not the accent.