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I’m 36 years old, and my SGPT level is 131. Is this serious? How can I reduce my SGPT level in a week?Views68.6KUpvotes17Comments1Shares3AnswerJul 15, 2016How can I make my nerves strong?Views4.8KUpvotes15Comments2Shares6AnswerJul 21, 2016Why do people always ask for boiling water when helping a woman give birth?Views16.5KUpvotes14Comments–Shares6AnswerJul 15, 2016Can neurons repair themselves even a little bit?Views30.7KUpvotes13Comments2Shares5AnswerJun 24, 2016Is there a good natural alternative to Ranitidine?Views27.3KUpvotes13Comments3Shares12AnswerJul 1, 2019What happens to the brain when it receives too much dopamine for a long period of time?Views2.4KUpvotes11Comments–Shares2AnswerJul 22, 2016Why does urine smell burnt?Views31.7KUpvotes11Comments1Shares4AnswerJul 12, 2016What is the relationship between seratonin and dopamine in the brain?Views1.9KUpvotes10Comments–Shares9AnswerJul 6, 2016What type of food increases serotonin levels in your brain?Views4.8KUpvotes10Comments–Shares12AnswerJan 23, 2017How come people with Alzheimer’s disease don’t forget how to talk?Views2KUpvotes10Comments–Shares2AnswerMay 2, 2017Is there any specific diet for PCOS?Views2KUpvotes9Comments–Shares4AnswerJan 11, 2017If body weight is brought down into control and uric acid levels kept down for some prolonged time, can gout be cured permanently?Views14.3KUpvotes9Comments–Shares9AnswerJan 4, 2017What drugs besides cannabis can moderate dopamine to help with diseases?Views84Upvotes9Comments2Shares4AnswerJun 21, 2016Is multiple sclerosis genetic?Views1.5KUpvotes8Comments–Shares5AnswerMay 27, 2016What will happen if a person accidentally drinks kerosene/petrol/diesel?Views22KUpvotes7Comments1Shares4AnswerJul 26, 2016What is hepatitis C?Views3KUpvotes7Comments1Shares7DeletedAnswerOct 4, 2016What are some mind blowing statistics about cancer?Views686Upvotes7Comments–Shares–AnswerOct 6, 2016Why do I get my period every 3 weeks? Is it normal?Views28.7KUpvotes7Comments–Shares–AnswerOct 24, 2016How did DNA come into existence? How were its original instructions or “code” created?Views933Upvotes6Comments2Shares2AnswerJul 1, 2016What are the differences between smoking cigars and cigarettes?Views18.5KUpvotes6Comments–Shares6AnswerDec 21, 2016Is crab high in good or bad cholesterol?Views8KUpvotes6Comments–Shares–AnswerMay 20, 2016Does eating eggs impede healing? Chinese medicine describes eggs as “fa wu,” that can cause wounds to heal slowly. Surgeons tell patients to not eat eggs, seafood, beef or lamb after surgery. What are the differences between the sources of protein?Views16.6KUpvotes6Comments1Shares14AnswerJun 29, 2016What chemicals in your brain make you attracted to a person?Views4.1KUpvotes6Comments–Shares5AnswerOct 24, 2016Do genes influence how much someone is affected by their environment?Views888Upvotes6Comments–Shares2AnswerNov 9, 2016How does MSM help us get rid of cellulite?Views2.3KUpvotes6Comments–Shares1AnswerJun 2, 2016What happens if you starve yourself during pregnancy?Views22.6KUpvotes6Comments–Shares2AnswerJul 8, 2016What would be the effects of naturally high dopamine levels (not due to drugs)?Views612Upvotes5Comments–Shares6AnswerOct 10, 2016I am 20 and have found out that I am pregnant. I am scared of not doing what’s best but I also desperately love this baby. What should I do?Views1.5KUpvotes5Comments–Shares1AnswerJan 26, 2017How long does it take for your brain to fully replace all its cells?Views3.4KUpvotes5Comments3Shares6AnswerJul 24, 2017What are some of the most inflammatory and some of the most anti-inflammatory foods?Views726Upvotes5Comments–Shares1AnswerJul 19, 2016Why do people take breaks from Ritalin?Views2.3KUpvotes5Comments–Shares6AnswerSep 29, 2016How does Parkinson’s disease affect others? How do other people know how to identify Parkinson’s disease?Views847Upvotes5Comments1Shares3AnswerJan 9, 2017How do reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems work together?Views18KUpvotes5Comments–Shares2AnswerJun 24, 2016How do you release adrenaline at will?Views12.7KUpvotes5Comments–Shares8AnswerOct 10, 2016How much does a caregiver earn in philippines?Views3.2KUpvotes5Comments–Shares1AnswerNov 30, 2016Can drinking a lot of coffee give someone brain damage?Views3KUpvotes4Comments2Shares3AnswerMar 8, 2017How does a CBC test for a leukemia patient usually look like?Views20.5KUpvotes4Comments1Shares8AnswerOct 5, 2016Should a woman be afraid of menopause?Views182Upvotes4Comments–Shares2AnswerJul 27, 2016What are some effective natural remedies for insomnia?Views986Upvotes4Comments–Shares6AnswerJan 27, 2017What will happen if you give up treatments for PCOS?Views2KUpvotes4Comments–Shares4AnswerJun 24, 2016Is there any correlation between the symptoms of Lyme disease and Parkinson’s disease?Views698Upvotes4Comments–Shares6AnswerJun 24, 2016Why do Alzheimer’s patients love sweets so much?Views2.4KUpvotes4Comments–Shares7AnswerJan 26, 2017Do antidepressants like Mirtazapine have long-term negative effects on the brain?Views7KUpvotes4Comments–Shares4AnswerJul 21, 2016How can I strengthen my immune system after a long illness (not related to immune function) with natural means, not including medications?Views267Upvotes4Comments–Shares4AnswerOct 5, 2016Why can’t I sleep with an empty stomach?Views8.9KUpvotes4Comments–Shares2AnswerJul 21, 2016Could a woman give birth without any help?Views1.9KUpvotes4Comments–Shares8AnswerMar 8, 2017My doctor is taking me off of klonopin abruptly. I have been on benzos for a few years. What supplements could help my GABA receptors?Views3.9KUpvotes4Comments3Shares6AnswerJul 19, 2016What is sepsis?Views1.2KUpvotes4Comments1Shares4AnswerJan 6, 2017What are the benefits of eating chicken soup during pregnancy?Views9.3KUpvotes4Comments–Shares4AnswerDec 20, 2016What are the anti-aging products taken by Neil Patrick Harris?Views590Upvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerAug 12, 2016What can a gastrointestinal doctor tell about a person just from the smell of their farts?Views2.8KUpvotes3Comments1Shares7AnswerFeb 10, 2017What happens neurologically in the brain when you can’t fall/stay asleep. How does sport/being active help with sleep on a neurological level?Views177Upvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerMay 24, 2016What could be the reasons for post menopausal bleeding and high endometrial thickness?Views3.3KUpvotes3Comments4Shares5AnswerJun 30, 2016Why does depression cause me stomach pain?Views349Upvotes3Comments–Shares6AnswerJul 29, 2016Why don’t nerve cells regenerate?Views1.4KUpvotes3Comments–Shares–AnswerOct 24, 2016What is the difference between molecular genetics and genomics?Views3.3KUpvotes3Comments–Shares2AnswerNov 23, 2016Is it true that hair is a natural extension of the nervous system?Views4.7KUpvotes3Comments–Shares–AnswerOct 6, 2016What does heroin do the brain?Views567Upvotes3Comments–Shares2AnswerNov 17, 2016What have been the advantages and disadvantages of humans acquiring Neanderthal genes (which are 1%-4% in those that are not pure black Africans)?Views576Upvotes3Comments–Shares–AnswerJan 10, 2017What does it feel like to live in an old age home?Views2.6KUpvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerJul 14, 2016What is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the world?Views118Upvotes3Comments2Shares5AnswerJun 21, 2016How can I manage a pinched nerve without meds?Views1.9KUpvotes3Comments–Shares8AnswerJul 7, 2016Is there any scientific evidence that scalp massages increase hair growth?Views2.8KUpvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerAug 12, 2016What’s the relationship between melatonin and immune function?Views691Upvotes3Comments–Shares7AnswerOct 24, 2016What are the best remedies for acidity?Views2.5KUpvotes3Comments–Shares3AnswerJan 10, 2017How many women going through menopause have divorced their husbands?Views774Upvotes3Comments–Shares4DeletedAnswerJun 3, 2016How do garlic supplements improve heart health?Views243Upvotes3Comments–Shares–AnswerJun 27, 2016When will Souvenaid become available in Canada and US to treat Alzheimer’s Disease?Views2KUpvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerJul 12, 2016Can blunt force trauma cause brain cancer?Views1KUpvotes3Comments–Shares6AnswerJul 25, 2016If you want to study at night feeling alert, can you take an evening power nap/sleep-like resting time earlier? How would you do it?Views4.6KUpvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerAug 25, 2016Can I develop an immunity to most food born pathogens?Views1.9KUpvotes3Comments–Shares10AnswerOct 24, 2016I’m fifteen and I have anxiety and depression. CBT doesn’t seem to work, do the cons really outweigh the pros on anti-depressants?Views317Upvotes3Comments1Shares2AnswerNov 18, 2016What foods and supplements are proven to repair Dna?Views2.1KUpvotes3Comments–Shares2AnswerJan 5, 2017Is it true that giving birth in a horizontal posture is wrong and it’s easier by squatting?Views199Upvotes3Comments–Shares–AnswerJan 10, 2017How does drinking alcohol affect a person who has depression?Views1.3KUpvotes3Comments1Shares2AnswerJan 10, 2017Can antioxidants help with hangovers?Views1.9KUpvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerJul 1, 2016How do I treat coarse hair to make it smooth like baby hair?Views8.9KUpvotes3Comments–Shares7AnswerJul 20, 2016Does alcohol consumption give you more cellulite?Views6.7KUpvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerDec 21, 2016What happens to a mother’s womb/belly after the baby is born?Views362Upvotes3Comments–Shares4AnswerJun 28, 2016How do malignant brain tumors degrade the blood-brain barrier?Views594Upvotes3Comments1Shares7AnswerJul 11, 2016Is Alzheimer’s a prion disease?Views469Upvotes3Comments1Shares6