Statement of Purpose

Connie Dello Buono, MPH (future), BS

Health Author

Quality Assurance in medical device and biotech companies in the USA

How did you become interested in public health?

After my two homebirth experiences with nurse midwives, I vowed to educate the public in areas of health and wellness. So, I started my health blog at . Soon after my 2nd homebirth, I wrote an eBook on childbirth, newborn care, and women’s health. My recent ebook is about cancer as I have experienced caregiving, hospice care, and death from cancer with both my parents who died of lung and liver cancer. It will help in book sales if I have an MPH after my name and be credible in public as I teach health and wellness and health care policies. I wish to contribute to the future education of health care professionals as I love teaching.

I was a pharmacy technician instructor for about 9 months, passionately teaching students about nutrition, medications, and self-care.

When I was a childbirth educator, I shared my experience with nutrition, homebirth and self-care.

As a technical writer and Quality Assurance in biotech and medical device companies, I am always learning new knowledge about health and medicine.

So, in the future, I see myself working for FDA or CDC or county health hospitals in the area of health care policy writing, administration, and education.

What contributions do you hope to make in the field?

I want to be part of the global team in public health policies, health care administration, and wellness. Writing health care policies and bringing the world to have better health care solutions, health care policies, and health education. There is much to do around public health as the consumers are now becoming savvy but need guidance. I can write well and teach with passion. These skills I will use in promoting public health awareness, writing health care policies, and health care administration.

How will the MPH@GW program help you achieve your career goals?

I learned that GW has so many global communities and graduates and experienced health educators in the area of public health with connections in Washington DC. I plan to work until I am 80 to save more for retirement and have a good pension working in government. This degree will help me protect my retirement savings.


Chronological accomplishments

1982 Science and Math high school teacher

1983 Completed BS Math, minor in Chemistry ; 132 units at Adamson University

1984 Trainer at Intel, teaching others on the use of personal computers and applications such as Lotus and Dbase

1989 Technical Writer and test engineer at Acer Taiwan

1994 Technical Writer at Abbott

1998 Student homebirth midwife; wrote an eBook on childbirth, Birthing Ways Healing Ways

2000 Pharmacy Tech Instructor

2010 Completed 3 subjects in MBA at Argosy University, online

2015 Started Motherhealth home care agency ; health blogger at and

2017 Studied data science at

2019 Wrote an eBook about cancer, Curated Healing Ways

2023 Connie Dello Buono, MPH