You know the answer. But do we know how we age the brain faster with alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, lack of sunshine and rest?

There are foods that ages us like soda and sweets. Stressful work or places. Trauma from relationships and growing up. How we react to stressful events, meditation can help us live long. So is eating eggs and sweet potatoes.

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When I was pregnant, I started using my knowledge about the brain by caring for my body and baby. I used massage, touched, family bed, breastfeeding and homebirth. I used whole foods from farmer’s market, Trader Joes and going to the beach every weekend.

The same lifestyle was used by my 25 yr old daughter and 27 yr old son as they are now grown. My son said no to his classmate about smoking knowing that his grandpa died of lung cancer.

There is a way to live simply as most older folks in remote places in the Philippines have been used to eating boiled bananas, sweet potatoes and cooked fish in bed of onions, leaves, tomatoes and garlic.