He does not need help, he would tell me. He finished B.S. in environmental policies and needs a permanent job. Anyone who can refer, please email me at motherhealth@gmail.com

Our only wish is that our children get their dream job and have a permanent job in the bay area , N California in a government or public office. We took care of them and devoted our time when they are young and now our children are done with college in a city where housing is so expensive, but a beautiful place to live. And we pat our back when they completed their college after many years.

He is caring for his dying cat of 16 yrs who had kidney disease, but managed to help me when I needed him. He is my go to person when I need cleaning up my computer, as he worked as computer tech after high school. On my 50th birthday, he danced tango with me after taking classes. And now eating and loving garlic and onions. He too was one of my home birth children. I love the bay area and I brought him to Santa Cruz Beach growing up.

Hope and pray that he finds his perm job in the public office.