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Have your own QScience store of supplements ( some of the founders are from webmd).

Text Connie at 408-854-1883 or email motherhealth@gmail.com or click on the Ambassador to earn an income and choose the first products you want to test and use Packs | Q Sciences (myqsciences.com)

Our goal is to earn an income of at least $3k per month. Help others with weight loss, endurance and renewing energy with liquid collagen and other nutrients and healthy lifestyle. We leverage our business by getting others to do the same and join once you have your own site. Choose your own site name, mine is Health365. Currently in 26 countries, Asia will be next to be added: Philippines, Malaysia and India. Set your products to autoship (100 PV) between 1st and 5th of the month. Some are getting good bonuses in 14months of connecting with other like minded business people who can share this with others. A volume-based leverage business you can be paid thru infinity. You decide your own business and future.

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Here is an intro video: