My email to all my gf about skin health:

The Quora answers above are holistic, hydration, Vit B niacinamide, facial exercise, etc As we age, our skin is very sensitive so that we are good to avoid harsh treatments. Happy Summer my girlfriends. We are all aging gracefully. Sleep, hydration and a healthy lifestyle will be our ally in years to come.

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Some people have good genes and use sunblock or hat to avoid the sun from 10am to 3pm. I know sleep and hydration is good. Vit A, B, C, E and D are good for our skin. And avoiding stressors in life. Our liver health is reflected in our skin health.

Every soap or chemicals we use on our skin can affect it since it is the largest organ in our body. I use lemon water and tea bags. Any antioxidant foods can help. There is probiotics, apple cider vinegar and mask you can mix with Bentonite clay. Have beef broth once or more a week.

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