What will happen to my family if I die today?

More than 5 insurance carriers, a life protection with access to funds, diabetes ok, save for retirement.
A privilege to be approved for a life insurance policy that allows you access during critical illness and save some portion for retirement savings. Protect your mortgage, family and your retirement savings with tax advantage.
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After we got married, each of us took $100k flexible UL policy that started with $35 per month. Now, my children are grown and I wish to help them pay for your house in the future. I need peace of mind when I die to be able to support my family and grandchildren.

There are pros and cons, we have insurance for our cars and houses, we should have one too.

Rich people use life insurance to create a bigger estate.

There are many choices, there is kaizenplan under an IUL where lenders lend with only life policy as collateral, 75of your retirement savings.

And there is taxes. When you get a loan from your cash accumulation, you are not taxed. And many more reasons to leverage life insurance to get a greater lump sum.