I thank Motherhealth caregivers in the bayarea. 4088541883 is the number to call.

from a client..Hi..
Quickly, Connie and her crew took care of my husband for 2-1/2 years, until his death. She made the transition from a terminal diagnosis in the hospital to our home effortlessly. I was very overwhelmed at the beginning, My husband was only given 6 months to live, yet lived 2-1/2 years. I believe that was because of the care that Connie and her crew gave him. He was fully invalid, bed bound and on high flow life support oxygen. She would bathe him, help him with his urinals, he used a bed pan for poop 🤧, cook his meals and what he loved the most was the massages. They were consistent and on time. She was able to cover absences of her crew. We live up in the Santa Cruz Mountains so getting here was not always easy due to the weather. If u have any other questions, lmk. L

client B…
Also, yes I was very happy with the service. Connie and her agency cared for my mother, who had Parkinson’s. They were with her for the last 10 or so months of her life. We did in-home care. They worked very well with my mom’s challenges, mobility, picky eating, and enjoying going out. It was hard for her to chew, so they prepared lots of fresh soft meals. They also worked well with home hospice, which we did near the end.B