It takes a village to care for our seniors at home in the bayarea.
Falls, stroke, dementia, hospice are top health issues by our seniors living at home alone. We have caregivers with Motherhealth 408-854-1883 , private non Medicare nurses for care plans, care homes and other health care teams. It takes a village to care for seniors at home.
Contact Connie for referrals 408-854-1883
You can lower your cost with live-in in home care as caregivers do not need to take Uber or drive. For continuity of care, ensure that all care teams know the needs of your parents in the area of fall prevention, medication management and support, senior care at home and those coming from nursing rehabs with hospital beds, oxygen and more.
Our goal is comfort, quality of life and treating our seniors like family with dignity and care. Family members and caregivers can take turns in caring for their loved ones.
You cannot do this alone. Let a team support you. Those who can qualify for In home health support services must apply. In absence of funds from long term care, ensure the new generation gets an IUL policy with access to funds during illness, 408-854-1883 and talk to real estate teams for reverse mortgage when necessary. Big assisted living facilities start at $10k per month wile care homes start at $6k per month.
Many seniors will resist care from others, but most fall in love with our caregivers, their constant companion and in home care support.
Negotiate with your parents to start at 2 weeks and then more as they are exposed and experienced care from caring and loving caregivers. Plan or modify your trust documents (medical directives, wills, etc) early to avoid more taxes with inherited real estate.