Two men changed their lifestyles after a heart surgery and heart attacks.

In the last 15 years after his heart bypass, he started a diet of aloe vera, spirulina and cooked oats with flax seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. He didn’t take any anti-hypertensive pills. Another man who had 4 heart attacks 4 months ago and has a pace maker also started with apples, flax seeds, nuts, magnesium and ginger for constipation and he is on his feet again although he still have his low blood pressure in the mornings.

Drink: 4 oz of aloe vera juice and 1 TB of spirulina powder
Hot bowl: 1/2 C oats, 1 TB chia seeds soaked, 1/2 TB flax seeds, 2 TB hemp seeds

Why the above ingredients or whole foods work? Aloe vera and spirulina brings alkalinity in an acidic blood. Aloe brings a healthy mucosal environment coating our tissues and protecting them from microbes. Spirulina and other greens promote a balanced pH in the body which promotes growth and healing. Oats, chia seeds, hemp and flax seeds have omega 3. Flax seeds have lignans which fight cancer. Oats have magnesium and phosphorous. Hemp seeds are high in protein.

In our 60s, we must first reduce our stress as our hormones react with our stress in balancing the many chemical reactions in our body.

Ten years ago, a doctor found out about my tachycardia and lately in ER, about my extra heart beat. In the last 30 years, I have been watching what I eat although I love chocolates.

It is not late, we embrace whole foods or we will be bed bound or our heart suffering.

Connie Dello Buono, owns Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area helping Alzheimer’s live a quality life at home. 408-854-1883

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Page 200 of 3rd book about Breaking aging code: facts and myths in our 60s by Connie Dello Buono

While in the office of my Chiropractor who is in his 30s, I said I will just have to write a book instead of going back to school in my 60s. We have learned many lessons in life about our own health and what works and doesn’t work. It is our duty to share. I told him that I once was in a car accident in hwy 17 in Santa Cruz and had a pelvic fracture and then got pregnant nine months later. He said my pelvis and legs are not balance. I noticed it too as I always inspect my feet and legs and my senior clients I cared for as a caregiver for our feet and legs tell us how long we can live when in hospice care.

Days before my mother died, I saw dark spots on her ankle as she fights liver cancer to the end. Many senior clients cared for by caregivers show similar signs of dark coloration in feet, legs, arms, lips and other parts of the body including hardening of the stomach.

Our body changes and adopts to the environment we live. Asking myself why my knee pain and foot cysts came just now that I’m in my 60s. The ER of El Camino Hospital found calcification in my shoulder thru x-rays which is my cue to rest and get more magnesium and vitamin C. They also saw extra heartbeat, another cue for me to rest and take care of my body thru yoga, sauna, red light therapy and more walking and sunshine.  I have been to their ER lately after hiking uphill for 2 hrs and didn’t get enough hydration and electrolytes.

My daughter and son complained of the many dietary supplements in my apartment. Am I proactive or just helping my body be stronger to fight what will later be chronic? Cancer runs in my family with my mom who died of liver cancer at 83 and my father of lung cancer at 64.

It is not late to be healthy and take control of our own bodies. We owe it to the next generation to walk our talk, to be there for them when they need us and to impart wisdom.

…Connie Dello Buono, owns Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area helping Alzheimer’s live a quality life at home. 408-854-1883

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