Many caregivers tell stories how they helped with constipation, sleep and other healing ways with seniors they care at home. In the bay area, a caregiver has to wiggle her finders in the anus opening and massage the lower back to help with constipation. Another would insert a suppository after a breakfast with banana and coffee with ginger powder.

Wound healing is affecting most of the body organs and must include hydration, nutrition, sleep, lower anxiety and wound care. Many hospitals and post acute nursing facilities in the bay area uses Manuka honey in wound care.

Upon arrival at patient house on a Saturday, a caregiver attend to the wound care for the first time. Using what the client has, she sprayed the cleansing liquid for the wound, and used the saline water to do another spray wash. And then used the non adhering mesh with drop of Manuka honey and covered the wound with a stretchable bandage.

She then attended to the wound again on Monday, and lo and behold, the wound closed.

For the whole Saturday and Sunday and Monday, she has prepared healthy home cooked meals and massaged the client with almond oil with eucalyptus oil. She also coaxed the client the sleep early as the client is used to sleeping at 1am, who lives by herself.