Hiring bay are caregivers for home-bound seniors with Alzheimers and other chronic health issues 408-854-1883 , live-in home care or hourly


Cancer free healing tips from Connie published by Balboa Press


Motherhealth senior care treats seniors like family with care and compassion and brings holistic home care to another level with senior concierge from hospital to home care. We believe that an educated and trained care team attuned to the care needs of clients can prevent emergencies and match care needs of seniors in the most vulnerable stage of their lives. We also believe that seniors should be given lots of hugs and loving massage and have less anxiety and more calm environment with healthy gourmet meals and a caregiver that is not just a companion but much more , helping monitor their health with a human touch.

We believe that hospice clients need 24 7 care with loving massage , prayers and bedside love.

We believe that senior couples can be cared for in their homes where wellness is promoted from food, loving massage to healthy and safe environment for the disabled and those in chronic health crisis.

We believe that health emergencies can be prevented and that a caregiver is needed from hospital to home care for personalize care.

We believe that rich and poor can avail of a caring companion with compassion and holistic senior care.

Solution to holistic care

Start with a sitter in hospital to train the home care caregiver about the health care needs of the senior.

Train and monitor both caregivers and clients to promote holistic care and complimenting standard of health care in the non-medical world.

Form a care team from health care pros, family and caregivers using a cell phone for faster communication and training and emergency prevention.

When my father died of lung cancer and my mother of liver cancer, I vowed to understand more about it. So I started the health blog , http://www.clubalthea.com , and soon a health concierge with personalized diet plan, an ebook about curated health tips and cancer, health care matching caregivers with home bound bay area seniors needing 24/7 home care. But I cannot do this alone, so I invite you to join me and email me at motherhealth@gmail.com
Connie Dello Buono
PO Box 3138 Saratoga, CA, USA 95070
408-854-1883 (text)
Health author and been in N California for over 24 years
Former pharmacy tech instructor and data scientist
Passion: dancing, blogging about health, health author, caregiver trainer, herbalist, nutritionist

Share your health data. Engaged in a healthy lifestyle with support system. We can find health insights by listening to our body, knowing our health data – genetic and lab tests and working with our health care team proactively.

Our mission is to engage consumers through health education, matching care with caregivers and other health care professionals and to create actionable health points.

Many of us know someone who died of cancer. What if we know that cancer will grow in our body in few years and we can stop it before it reaches stage 1.

What if we have a blood marker that can accurately predict our molecular age? We can then examine our lifestyle, nutrition, exercise level and other decisions we make each day toward wellness and health promotion.

We can work with genetic counselors and our doctors with a comprehensive genetic health data to effect health and ensure that we can derive actionable health points from our health data.

And be more engage with our health where you can match care with care providers, a health forum, health marketplace and community engagements for health promotion.

We are entering an area in health care where:

  • Health consumers and doctors making predictive medicine within reach and a path to cancer prevention and an integrated health concierge.
  • Prognostic biomarkers, actionable health data, genetic tests, predictive medicine and health concierge for health consumers.
  • Telemedicine, predictive medicine and participatory medicine directed by health consumers and providers.
  • Slow cancer’s path and slow aging with prognostic biomarkers and health concierge direct to health consumers.

Addressing health gaps

  1. High chronic health care costs with no proactive in-home care monitoring.
  2. Disparate and not integrated health data with absence of genetic tests and other comprehensive and preventative health measures and care plans.
  3. Absence of on-demand video chats with health care providers and other allied health providers.
  4. New technologies not integrated to each other and not accessible to consumers such as electronic scheduling, video chats and predictive medicine with health concierge online and in mobile platform.

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