Post dinner show: more than 25 bayarea performers delight the senses last night

Last night performers and guests flocked to angelicasbistro in Redwood City ready to watch exotic dancers and other performers. Here are some of the highlights from the audience comments:
I love the show and the following are my top performers: enchanting and lovely bellydancers, Elvis Presley impersonator and Taiko drummers. We should have another one in two months and I will bring more guests. Let me know Connie when you need me.
I love the emotion played by the last Argentine Tango couple though the other Argentine Tango couples also showed musicality and fancy footwork.
I was glad to know that the Taiko drumming is a form of blessing ceremony, I can feel its musical power last night with the full moon and all that.
Watching the bollywood dancers seem so exotic for me with the movement that is so primal and powerful.
I love the love songs, two music at a time though with each singers next time.
With all these bayarea talents under one roof, my night is fun and I wanted to have another one like this next month.
Good show Connie. And I replied, I could not have done this without the help of Sandra, my SharQui bellydance teacher. She brought the two whimsical and fun MCs Cory times two and the dancers and drummers and helped in organizing too.

To all the performers last night, you brought music as form of wellness into the mainstream and reminded all of us that listening to and watching music might be our best health secret that my two teens are now in agreement with me and were happy to celebrate their birthday with special performers. Part 2 of this event will be on October and December. I will keep you posted. Let’s bring more dance and talent showcase to bayarea.

Thank you and blessings, Connie Dello Buono

Communicating Love Thru Your Dance

Listen to the beat of the drums. Listen to your heart beat, what does it say. Close your eyes, what do you feel. Feel the palms and finger tips of your dancing partner.
Dancing is the language of love when we use our body to tell our story and our emotions. The magic is shown in each rhythmic movement of our beings.

Folk dances from different countries all shows musical way of communications, in celebration of the earth, festivities, bonding in marriage or seduction in courtship or love and romance. Each dance employs the movement of the body to project the message that one wanted to convey.
We show off our woman thru the dance, telling the world that she is mine and I am hers. We breath in the rhythms of each other’s breath. We move toward or away from each other in same motion and beat, yet our eyes are focused on each other’s sense of direction. Each step we make in dancing is the.
We express our togetherness in the rhythm of the music, we dance as one.
In Two-Step, we feel the words in the music of love played just for lovers to fall in love to each other again, as they dance in swaying motion as if rocking each other to sleep.
In Bolero and Rumba, we feel the romantic ballad as if each song of love comes from within our being, swaying our hips and thrusting to each other’s body yet flowing in one motion and then quickly turning to exhale.
In Swing, we dance like children and giddily enjoying the moment of hand holding and turning.
In Cha-cha, we sway our hips as if we want to be cheek to cheek with our lover.
In Tango, we show our connectedness and oneness as our bodies hit each other in one line, there is no ups and downs, there is only the feeling of the bodies’ movement and direction.
In Waltz, we move up and down as if we are rocked to sleep.
In Samba, we throw our passion and love for each other showing the thrust and energy we put in our legs and hips.
In Salsa, Merengue, or Cumbia, we stand tall but sway our bodies in sexy moves.
We express our oneness in with the earth and with one another, moving and swaying in same energy and heat of the moment.
In dancing, we learn to listen to the beat and move with the beat as if the world is our stage and we move with the winds and air as we feel the warmth of the earth.

by Connie Dello Buono

Parkinson’s Disease Brain and Intestine Health (be Alkaline)

Parkinson Disease

If we know what soda, equal sugar and stress can do to our brain, will we change our lifestyle or choose what we put in our body wisely?

What is the current research in the area of brain and intestine health? Toxins leaked from our gut into our circulatory system leads to many disorders. Eating cooked tomatoes can help rid our body of metal toxins. Up your probiotic, yogurt, acidophilus to fight unhealthy microbes. Drink aloe vera juice, coconut juice or alkaline water with lemon.

What is the role of the bacteria type in our intestines in determining how we produce B vitamins and other enzymes necessary for the chemical reactions and hormones in our body? Molds, fungus, virus, bacteria and most bugs thrive in acidic circulatory system where meat diet is the primary protein source. The increase in number of these bugs can lead to abnormal cell growth or cancer. Eat more colored food to include cooked and raw veggies to make your system alkaline and promote cell growth and your body will get rid of toxins easy.

Parasite Linked with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, Epilepsy …

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Should your 70yr old mom needs to go to a nursing home or stay home with a caregiver?

About two-thirds of our 40plus generations are taking care of their mom and dad and most of them are doing it from another state while their parents are home alone. About 1 out of 4 needs long term care although we have more healthy population now that we are health conscious and with new research in health and science. In 37 yrs, about 70% of our retiring population will receive social security income and most of us are not expecting much from it.

With all this statistics, we are on our own trying to navigate caring for ourselves, our retirement and our parents. Motherhealth  is an in home health care service that also takes care of the families in the areas of home care and retirement. The many questions asked when caring for mom and dad are answered in the Senior Care ebook: 50 questions asked when caring for your mom or dad at home or in carehomes.

We provide references about medicare, social security and list of providers in the bayarea for seniors from carehomes and nursing homes/rehabs to living trust lawyers and financial service companies offering tax-free annuities and other financial service. By calling 1-800-4homeca or 408-854-1883, all nearby cities around the bayarea can get referral to a carehome or caregiver for live-in or 10-hr in-home health care.

In Home Care with caregivers at home and in assisted living facilities in the bay area

The in-home health care price ranges from $20 and up and the care home from $5500 per month and up depending on level of care. When your loved one leaves a rehab depending on the care needed, the primary doctors would suggest that 24-hr care is needed so that a live-in caregiver is then needed.

Based on your accommodations at home and wishes of your mom with Alzheimer’s disease or Stroke or other medical conditions that need assistance in daily living, a carehome, nursing home or caregiver at home might be the solution.

For a caregiving at home, you can also do it with help from 2-hr per week visits by an in-home health nurse, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, speech therapist, and other health professionals. For nursing homes, all these health care professionals are on-site.

At times, when your loved one has terminal illness or refused to be cared for in the hospital and is deemed to be dying, wished to die at home and so the primary doctor would say that your loved one needs hospice care. Hospice case nurses also visits your home 2-hr per week and your loved one still needs a 24-hr caregiver which is also present in a carehome setting.

In a carehome licensed for 6 elderly clients, there are at least 2 caregivers who provide 24-hr care.


Caring Caregivers for Homebound bayarea seniors in N California, text/call 408-854-1883

Motherhealth offers affordable caregivers for homebound seniors in the bayarea. for Senior care

Now hiring caregivers

Annuity 100k at 9% rate of return future value in 20yrs $1M

At 30, you want to retire in 24yrs and so you put away $400 per month in a long term savings plan that is safe, secured and with decent rate of return.

At 40, you moved to another company so you want to move your 401k to another retirement account that has a rate of return between 7-11% or more and conservative at the same time.

At 60, you want to have income for life from your savings and live wisely and ensure that your health and retirement money will last as long as you live.

At 70, you want to stay at your home while your health is giving up with the care of caring caregivers

What are your plans now?