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About Us​

Motherhealth was founded by Connie Dello Buono in 2014. She’s a mother of two home birth children with midwives in San Jose, California. Both her parents died of cancer which motivated her to complete her latest book on Curated Heath – cancer-free healing ways. Her family is her inspiration. She was born and raised in the Philippines.

Home Care Services
Health Education

Our Mission

Motherhealth’s mission is to engage consumers through health education, matching care with caregivers and other health care professionals and to create actionable health points. Email Connie for free ebook on cancer.

Many of us know someone who died of cancer. What if we know that cancer will grow in our body in few years and we can stop it before it reaches stage 1. We can now with cancer tests (HPV, NIPT, COVID, monkeypox, other infectious diseases) using PCR and assay from a company in Mt View, seeking connections and distributors in Asia and other countries.

Why Choose Us

What if we know the root causes of most chronic diseases and prevent them at an early stage with lifestyle changes. We can then examine our lifestyle, nutrition, exercise level and other decisions we make each day toward wellness and health promotion.

Home Care Services


Join us in our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Be part of our growing family. Motherhealth caregivers are available 24/7 for bay area seniors , 408-854-1883. Los Altos. Mt View. Palo Alto Los Gatos Sunnyvale Santa Clara San Jose Santa Cruz SSF San Francisco San Mateo East Bay Contra Costa County and nearby counties for live in home care.

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Free senior home health care referrals to home care agencies, caregivers, or assisted living facility. Free referrals to estate planners and CPAs. Free consultation on funding your living trust with tax efficiency, less market risks, less fees and guaranteed retirement income with bonus upfront.


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Need a caregiver, a home care agency or an assisted living on date. Affordable non medical home health caregivers are paid out of pocket or LTC.