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If you are pro in the bay area helping seniors, email your business card to

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Health Data helps us focus on personalized home care

Top healing tips:

  • Turmeric and ginger capsule
  • Massage oil with essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon grass and rosemary and fresh ginger
  • Nutrition rich in omega 3, zinc, Vitamin C, fish and green veggies
  • Fruits of oranges, lemon, apples, cherries and pineapples
  • Email Connie at for more tips.

Refer us to seniors needing 24 hour care in the bay area for a chance to win a free trip to the Philippines.

Dear Senior Assisted living and rehab facilities in the bay area,

If you need a sitter or caregiver, email to get 30 min response time.  We will also email you back other docs such as workers comp and list of caregivers credentials.

Dear Caregivers,

With required docs, we will help you get copies and be registered so you can use these docs for other agencies should you need to work more jobs and hours in various agencies and families.

Associating New Hires: (for individuals not currently on the Home Care Aide Registry)

  • Individuals new to the home care industry must begin by applying online to the Home Care Aide Registry
  • After completing registration onto the Home Care Aide Registry, the individual must take the LIC 9163 to the nearest Live Scan vendor to be fingerprinted. It is during the Live Scan process that the individual will be associated to your HCO, so ensure that box 6 on the LIC 9163 is properly completed with your HCO’s number.

Associating HCA’s that do not require a Criminal Exemption:

  • Call the HCSB (877) 424-5778 to verify if the Home Care Aide (HCA) you are attempting to associate will need a criminal exemption transfer.
  • Email a completed HCS 9183 and a copy of the individual’s photo ID to

Associating HCA’s that need a Criminal Exemption:

  • Fax the following documents to the Caregivers Background Check Bureau (CBCB(916) 754-4589 fax
    • LIC 508
    • LIC 9188
    • Copy of photo ID

For the required 5-hour online caregiving training, email for webinar invite.

Hope we can care for our seniors and treat them like family and also care for our bodies.


Connie Dello Buono of Motherhealth LLC

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