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Motherhealth was founded by Connie Dello Buono in 2014. She’s a mother of two home birth children with midwives in San Jose, California. Both her parents died of cancer which motivated her to complete her latest book on Curated Heath – cancer-free healing ways. Her family is her inspiration. She was born and raised in the Philippines.

Connie Dello Buono
CEO of Motherhealth L.L.C

Caregivers in the bay area are needed when your love one has to leave rehab and recover at home and needing 12-hr or 24-hr care. For consistency in care, 24/7 is best in first few months and or as prescribed by the doctor especially if he/she needs assistance in daily living, cooking, driving, light housekeeping, med management, companion, non medical care as required/with supervision.

We have a client who was told to live only for 6 months and lived for 3 years with our caring caregivers.

It is affordable having a live in care than hourly care. Most 12-hr care costs are between $28 to $35 per hr depending on level of care. Licensed and bonded. Motherhealth LLC. Caregivers are CNA, trained, non- practicing nurses or doctors from the Philippines and other health care pros. We treat clients like family and many clients says that Motherhealth caregivers have a good caring heart. 408-854-1883

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Our Mission

Motherhealth’s mission is to engage consumers through health education, matching care with caregivers and other health care professionals and to create actionable health points. Email Connie for free ebook on cancer.

Many of us know someone who died of cancer. What if we know that cancer will grow in our body in few years and we can stop it before it reaches stage 1. We can now with cancer tests (HPV, NIPT, COVID, monkeypox, other infectious diseases) using PCR and assay from a company in Mt View, seeking connections and distributors in Asia and other countries. Email 408-8541883 Messenger/FB Connie Dello Buono

What if we know the root causes of most chronic diseases and prevent them at an early stage with lifestyle changes. We can then examine our lifestyle, nutrition, exercise level and other decisions we make each day toward wellness and health promotion.

Seeking fitness and wellness coach to add more income in their pockets with 65 quality products from med grade liq collagen and more, in 26 countries. Text Connie or email to join at $20 this month and next. We help you build and earn to infinity and help others in be proactive with their health.

And be more engage with our health where you can match care with care providers, a health forum, health marketplace and community engagements for health promotion. Live in is desired, minimum 8hrs per day, starts at $25 per hour and $350 per day for live in home care with trained and caring Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area. Referrals to care homes is also made with other tips on senior safe home and holistic home care. Do apply at IHSS in your county if your parents do not own a house. Do have a living trust and will, contact Connie at Protect your assets from taxes.

Here are ways caregivers prolong the life of seniors at home:

  • Caregivers give seniors the attention they need to have gourmet meals, get a massage and assist in daily living.
  • Caregivers provide hugs and a steady companion, alert in knowing any emergency situations and in preventing emergencies.
  • Caregivers support seniors in many ways


Join us in our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Be part of our growing family. Motherhealth caregivers are available 24/7 for bay area seniors , 408-854-1883. Los Altos. Mt View. Palo Alto Los Gatos Sunnyvale Santa Clara San Jose Santa Cruz SSF San Francisco San Mateo East Bay Contra Costa County and nearby counties for live in home care.

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