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Motherhealth holistic senior care Mission Statement

Motherhealth senior care treats seniors like family with care and compassion and bringing holistic home care to another level with senior concierge from hospital to home care. We believe that an educated and trained care team can prevent emergencies and match the care needs of seniors in the most vulnerable stage of their lives. We also believe that seniors should be given lots of hugs and loving massage and have less anxiety and more calm environment with healthy gourmet meals and a caregiver that is not just a companion but much more , helping monitor their health with a human touch.


Senior concierge from hospital sitter to home care with a caring and holistic caregiver.

Fees $25 – $30 per hour of home care. Live-in is preferred for personalize care and when the city is more than 50 miles from the bay area. We service those with long term care health insurance and private pay. Ask for discount if you have a room available for discounted rent.

We service the greater bay area from Silicon Valley, Peninsula, Santa Cruz, East Bay, Contra Costa and Alameda county.

Text your home care needs at 408-854-1883 for faster response with info on date you need home care and city.

Caregivers Jobs available within a week after 5 hour caregiver training via videos, coaching and readings.

Compliments from clients we cared for in the bay area needing home care from our caregivers….

MotherHealth caregivers began taking care of my 76 year old husband at our home when he was released from the hospital about 8 months ago with a prognosis of 6-12 months to live. My husband is an amputee, in 24 hour high flow oxygen with congestive heart failure and Interstitial Lung Disease, as well as a “book” of other medical conditions. My husband did not want to spend the end of his life in a skilled nursing facility. MotherHealth caregivers helped me transition to having my husband cared for, which was very overwhelming to begin with. As of this writing, my husband is stable and happy, so may very well exceed the life expectancy given while he was in the hospital. I attribute a lot of his well being to the care he received from MotherHealth caregivers at www.clubalthea.com 4088541883

card mother

More compliments from senior families we serve….

My  mom is 94, ambulatory, uses a walker, uses oxygen, and is a fall risk due to balance issues. She also needs medication reminders, meals, personal care and light housekeeping. Motherhealth home care has provided excellent, dependable, and trustworthy caregivers for us since May 2017. My mom is happy and very well cared for. I believe Connie of motherhealth at www.clubalthea.com will work hard to find just the right caregiver(s) for your particular needs. I wish you the best.

card mother

If you are pro in the bay area helping seniors, email your business card to motherhealth@gmail.com


via Healing tips, arthritis, skin, digestive and stress issues

Health Data helps us focus on personalized home care

Top healing tips:

  • Turmeric and ginger capsule
  • Massage oil with essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon grass and rosemary and fresh ginger
  • Nutrition rich in omega 3, zinc, Vitamin C, fish and green veggies
  • Fruits of oranges, lemon, apples, cherries and pineapples
  • Email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com for more tips.

Refer us to seniors needing 24 hour care in the bay area for a chance to win a free trip to the Philippines.

Dear Senior Assisted living and rehab facilities in the bay area,

If you need a sitter or caregiver, email motherhealth@gmail.com to get 30 min response time.  We will also email you back other docs such as workers comp and list of caregivers credentials.

Dear Caregivers,

With required docs, we will help you get copies and be registered so you can use these docs for other agencies should you need to work more jobs and hours in various agencies and families.

Associating New Hires: (for individuals not currently on the Home Care Aide Registry)

  • Individuals new to the home care industry must begin by applying online to the Home Care Aide Registry https://secure.dss.ca.gov/ccld/hcsregistry/registration.aspx?Action=New
  • After completing registration onto the Home Care Aide Registry, the individual must take the LIC 9163 to the nearest Live Scan vendor to be fingerprinted. It is during the Live Scan process that the individual will be associated to your HCO, so ensure that box 6 on the LIC 9163 is properly completed with your HCO’s number.

Associating HCA’s that do not require a Criminal Exemption:

  • Call the HCSB (877) 424-5778 to verify if the Home Care Aide (HCA) you are attempting to associate will need a criminal exemption transfer.
  • Email a completed HCS 9183 and a copy of the individual’s photo ID to HCSB@dss.ca.gov

Associating HCA’s that need a Criminal Exemption:

  • Fax the following documents to the Caregivers Background Check Bureau (CBCB(916) 754-4589 fax
    • LIC 508
    • LIC 9188
    • Copy of photo ID

For the required 5-hour online caregiving training, email motherhealth@gmail.com for webinar invite.

Dear Families,

We bring hope and blessings to you. At this important state of your life caring for your parents, we are your helping hands with holistic touch to ensure that your parents can be attended to 24 7 in the comfort of your homes.

Caring for seniors and treating them like family is what each of our caregivers believe.  Let us be your senior home health care concierge and save you anxiety, emergencies and unnecessary health care cost.


Connie Dello Buono of Motherhealth LLC

Donate you cars and real estate to Motherhealth 501c6 at 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

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