Be prepared at what life throws at you

How do you prepare at what life throws at you? With lessons from the past, with courage, with preparation, with protection and with the knowledge that you are conscious of the results of your thoughts and actions. Be intentional and be practical. Do not overspend. Live minimally. At the end, your happiness counts and not that of others. You can control yourself and not others. Live life on your own terms and very practical as if you can contribute to the world in your own way. Protect your income, retirement, savings, estate and life with life insurance.

Can your family celebrate your life during your funeral? Do you want your life celebrated? Do you have final expense whole life insurance up to $30k, with no medical tests, to pay for burial and funeral?

We use term life insurance to pay for our mortgage balance should the good Lord calls us early. Americo and other carriers have mortgage protection policies with cash back option.

There are life insurance with living benefits that pays during illness (critical, terminal and chronic, can’t perform 2 out of 6 daily living or ADLs).

We have 3 or 4 insurance carriers with term and IUL with living benefits.

Contact Connie Dello Buono, Ca lic 0G60621 , 408-854-1883 , or to get qualified today for life,retirement, income and mortgage protection.

All of us are affected by covid19

Our friends and family got Covid, some survived. We pray for the spirit of those who died, may they rest in peace and forever be remembered by their love ones.

My niece, GF and insurance agent got positive test from covid, they rested and got well. All the time, we are worried for the worse might come. Thank God that they survived.

Today, one of my insurance agent in Socal was tested positive with Covid.

My tips: warm water with salt, Vitamin C, zinc, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D and E, selenium, melatonin, magnesium and essential oil of euclyptus mixed in coconut oil.

Rest, be brave and strong and fight the virus with rest, sleep, warm drink of salt and other whole foods such as fresh pineapple, papaya, kiwi and beef broth with lots of garlic, ginger, carrots, apples, celery.

Warm drink: ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, oregano, nutmeg, salt, turmeric

Stay in the sun during daytime.

Get well to us all.

How much time

How much time do we have left?

We know how much money we have.

No one can really know how much time they have left to live, though some have a better idea than others – the terminally ill, those about to attempt suicide, or those who are under heavy fire, for example.

If I calculate based on my father and mother’s life who both died of cancer at 64 and 83, I might have 25 more years. I lost 8lbs of weight in the last 10 days with no heavy dinner. Took probiotics, ate more fiber and had only eggs for my protein.

Fasting or eating a few calories can slow the aging process. Sleeping at night too can help. Stress, alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle can do damage to our cells.

We take care of our happiness, protecting it from negative energy people and environment. We hope that there will be no more fires in California and Oregon. Climate change is real.

How much time do you have left and what will you do in the remaining 20 or 30 years of your life. What lessons will you tell yourself to follow in the next 25 years of your life?

A life insurance policy in less than an hour

With an eapp, you can get your final expense whole life insurance to pay for burial and funeral and if the face amount of your term life is less than $249k, there is no need for medical tests. Same with final expense plans, where the computer eapp will run the prescription database and medical info bureau.

The agent will still ask you some health questions. Call Connie Dello Buono, PST time , 408-854-1883 to get your life insurance policy the same day.

You might decide not to need a final expense whole life for burial and funeral from $15k to $30k because you need not celebrate your life during your funeral and you want a quick cremation and donate all your organs but your family will have $30k within 48hrs upon your death to pay for other debts and leave a legacy.
Maybe you need life insurance to pay for home loan balance, leave a legacy, and money to your beneficiaries..
If you do, call 408-854-1883
Connie Dello Buono
CA Life lic 0G60621 cash back option term life insurance up to $240k

All these carriers are A rated, we advocate for you the client.

term life insurance with living benefits (access to funds/death benefits when you have illness,
cannot perform 2 out of 6 assistance in daily living) IUL and transamerica IUL, a savings plan inside a life insurance

AIG final expense accepts most health issues (cancer, dementia, etc)

Mutual of omaha is cheaper than americo’s final expense with less benefits and added value

John hancock gives an apple watch for any life insurance product

American amicable will pay more in the first 3 years.

Paradise Villa assisted living 58-bed in Santa Cruz

Welcome to Paradise Villa Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Our Senior Living Community is conveniently located in Santa Cruz, CA on 17th Avenue.  We are a dignified & affordable solution for families seeking Assisted Living Care.  That’s because for over 40 years we have hosted a thriving Assisted Living Community.  We welcome you to take a look around and get to know us. Shared rooms start at $4775 per month.

Rather than going to Carmel or Monterey and pay $11k, bring your love ones to Santa Cruz, Paradise Villa. Contact connie at 408-854-1883

There are 6-bed and 12-bed care homes in the Alameda county and other care homes in the bayarea. Contact Connie to refer you to these facilities.

The bottom line when looking for care facilities to bring your parents is the caring CNA , home health, staff and caregivers who will be with your parents 24/7.

If you prefer holistic care in the comfort of your homes in the bay area, Motherhealth caregivers are available 408-854-1883