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Best ways to predict your health

Monitor your health and follow a healthy lifestyle

Health data insights can help predict health and predict disease.  Motherhealth will now start to collect health data and invites bay area health consumers as partners in their own care management to be proactive in identifying gaps in health care, needs for improvement in their own health and actionable tasks to effect health.

Monitoring health activities and partnering with a health care team are important steps in gaining better health outcomes. Capturing your health history above is the first step to disease prediction and health outcomes. The next step is getting lab tests such as whole female/male blood panels, gut microbiome tests, EXOME whole genome DNA tests and other tests such as Alzheimer’s disease risk factor assessment.

Anti-oxidant biometric scan measures your body’s anti-oxidant level. Email if you are a practitioner or health coach who wants to increase your income and empower health consumers by knowing their anti-oxidant level and provide solutions to increase the measured level.

For preventing diabetes, losing weight, clearing up inflammation and turning back the clock, join me at Health Care Network Alliance to measure your anti-oxidant level and supplements which impact your gene expression at :

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Home health with Motherhealth bay area caring caregivers 408-854-1883

Having a caregiver as we age with Parkinson’s or other neurological health issues and a health care team that represents a holistic approach to our health can help us cope with health challenges. This health care team can include: nutritionist, health coach, gym coach, family medical practitioner, internist, immunologist, naturopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, dentists, and other health care professionals and specialists.

Motherhealth shall share future profits when health data is used by other institution or organization. Gmail account will be used and the following will not be stored: name, telephone, and mailing address. Email address will not be added when the data is added in the database for analysis.

Reducing chronic health care costs starts with empowering health consumers about their health choices and their bodies, said Connie Dello Buono, President of Motherhealth.

Learn from your health data and find cancer cure

Finding health data insights and connecting health consumers with other health care team can bridge the gap in current health care system. The  business model of direct to health consumer can speed things up and not be encumbered by other limitations. The bay area is ready for health care change and it starts with the health consumers joining forces. Motherhealth at shall be the starting point.

Health consumers can start collecting their health data and find health data insights, curated health info and matching of care with Motherhealth ( ). Matching of care includes finding caregivers, physical therapists and other health care teams in the bay area.

Health consumers have the freedom to impact their health from health data insights, collaboration with care team and use of health technologies , working with health coaching team, and curated knowledge base from sciences and research, complimentary and alternative medicine, and health care professionals in the bay area.

Connie Dello Buono of Motherhealth announced to share the company’s profit to the public to be able to collect health data, help predict diseases, provide free health coaching and more at

Motherhealth LLC has been providing caregivers in the bay area to home-bound older adults and referrals to nursing homes, care homes for seniors and been providing health education at site which has now over 8000 health topics. Connie Dello Buono founded Motherhealth after writing her first book on holistic women’s health. Contact for any comments, support, creative ideas and partnerships.

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  1. Find caregivers in the bay area and other health care teams for older adults. 408-854-1883 24-hr response. Free referrals to senior communities and care homes in the bay area. Free health education on the following topics: Senior care, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Brain Health and personalized diet plan.

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