Health Knowledge to reduce your health pains

Health knowledge to empower health consumers and lessen their pain and not be stuck to their current health issues


  • Helping families navigate the internet, science, experiences, lifestyle, health¬† goals and achieve satisfaction in aligning themselves with health pros from their doctors, caregivers and other health teams.¬† Be it losing weight, hospice care, healing from cancer and other health goals, we will be your health coach and health buddy to help you in your journey personalized to your lifestyle and health goals.
  • Match seniors with bay area caregivers who are holistic and compassionate helping them with assistance in daily living, massage, gourmet cooking, light housekeeping and more.
  • Help business create a WordPress site

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Free health guide ebook , part 1 – Healing from within – Transform inside and out by Connie Dello Buono :

Healing from within – transform inside and out part 1

Birth, newborn care and women’s health ebook:

Birthing Ways Healing Ways connie of clubalthea 4088541883

Free email Q&A with 24-hour response for any health questions if you are stuck and need to chat at or

Free 1-hour interviews and seminars in the bay area on wellness specific to your attendees and audience. Allow one month scheduling.

Free webinar on health topics close to you, with 100 minimum attendees.

Do not be stuck in your health journey. Ask a question, together we can find your solution that fits your needs.

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