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Free 180-page ebook – Why we are sick and fighting cancer?


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An e-book to save money and lives and lower health care costs during old age

By Connie Dello Buono

As you breath daily, exercise with sun exposure, sleep to detox your cells and consume whole foods to supply your body with energy and nutrients, know that your cells can be mobilized to repair and grow.  Save your money from ER costs, home health care costs and burden for your family and friends by knowing some health tips in this e-book. Written by a high school teacher, pharmacy tech instructor, you will have your health related questions answered for easy reading.

Parasites and environmental toxins

Learn about toxins from the environment, food, air, water and drugs that can influence your cells to age prematurely.  Your goal must be to reduce sugar, alcohol,smoking and avoid or detox from toxins (for example, parasites, charred BBQ meat, moldy foods, ungus) from affecting your cells. Addressing two health problems (parasites and environmental toxins) can prevent cancer and other future chronic diseases.

Emotion, nurture and healthy habits

Your baseline genes together with your lifestyle can greatly impact where you want your health to be in the future. Nurture, love and care are still the important ingredients for a stronger immune system. So surround yourself with people who care about your health.

Anti-parasite diet

Email to get the first draft of the ebook on personalized health and diet with focus on removing parasites and avoiding toxins.  My favorite authors Dr Bernard Jensen and other health pros helped shape this e-book.

Volume 1 topics are curated from my answers at Quora and selected posts in this site

The e-book contains answers from Quora by Connie and topics curated by Michelle Conge and categorized from this site. It will be free to all libraries , social workers in the bay area and senior centers.  We aim to reduce health costs with health education and preventive healing ways from medical and non-medical world. Special sections on Anti-parasite diet and recipes.



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