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Like other viruses, the pathogen causing COVID-19 cannot copy itself. Instead it infiltrates living cells—including those lining the human gut—and enlists them to actively replicate its RNA. Infected patients then shed viral RNA particles in bodily fluids, including saliva, mucus and feces. These end up down the drain in wastewater, where they can be found at levels high enough to be detectable.

Sampling RNA particles from wastewater can help researchers do a few things: For one, they can sequence the coronavirus’s genes to see how various strains mutate and change over time. Such analysis also allows researchers to track the pathogen’s spread, covering all the strains in circulation and peering into their “viral ancestry.” In a recent preprint study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, microbiologists determined that the dominant strain plucked out of sewage in one city in Montana likely descended from a viral lineage circulating in Europe.


As preventative measure, do drink ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and add powder of activated charcoal, Vitamin C and Zinc.


Time helps you to be wealthy. Do downsize, be a minimalist and find a more productive activity, focusing on the bottom results. During this Covid times, you can feel uncomfortable selling, but it can bring more money in your bank.
We are always hiring in 50 US states to help older adults have a life insurance to cover their mortgage balance, an accidental life insurance with return of premium for higher death benefit and lowest premium, Athene’s Fixed Index Annuities for safe retirement savings plan, rate of return that only participates in the upside market potential, tax less, fee less, avoids probate and a safe place for your 401k, 403B, to move to.

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Connie Dello Buono Life Insurance services

Connie Dello Buono Life Insurance services serve California and select cities in the USA. A team of agents are present in cities such as Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New York, New Jersey and other major cities.  Our independent Marketing Organization is Family First Life Insurance. We are currently hiring licensed life insurance agents in 50 USA states. Text or email 408-854-1883 , after you’ve watched this video: 
The Rogue IMO, Independent Marketing Organization

  • We broker 17 insurance carriers to serve our clients needs and find the best insurance plan to meet the needs and insurance purpose of each client with varied insurance goals: burial, life, retirement and mortgage protection.
  • List of companies or insurance carriers: Americo, Athene, American Amicable, Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, AIG, Transamerica, Forrester, others 

Connie Dello Buono completed her BS in Mathematics at Adamson University, Manila Philippines and started her life insurance journey in 2013. She also had worked in various high tech and biotech companies in the area of Technical Writing, Quality Assurance and Training.  She loves to solve problems and believes that there is a solution to most problematic issues in financial planning , especially building estates and protecting assets.  She had been helping bay area older adults especially women be empowered about their health and finances.  She loves to teach as a former high school science and math teacher. On her spare time, she loves to teach zumba, dance Argentine Tango and Belly dance. You can find her in Santa Cruz beach, Pacifica beach or Palawan , Philippines beaches.

She loves to see women resolve difficult issues in health and finances after divorces, after the birth of their children, and raising them to be responsible citizens, tolerant of various religions, sexes, races and other beliefs. More women care for their parents and young adult children and wanted both protected but forget to care for themselves. She brings a holistic perspective in living in Silicon Valley where she has been in the last 27 years.

Working in Taiwan for 4 years , Philippines for 8 years and Puerto Rico for a short time brought many lessons for her in the area of being flexible to adopt to various environment.

She saw clients and loved ones die in front of her as caregiver and daughter. Some without life insurance to leave and estate to their big family. Some have final expense insurance plan for burial or funeral expense.

Protect your life, estate, mortgage loan balance, retirement savings, health when disabled or bed-bound with life insurance and Fixed Index Annuities.

We serve clients up to 85 years of age. is coming soon

Connie Dello Buono is based in San Jose California. Her first ebook is about women’s health, Birthing Ways Healing Ways and her recent one is about cancer prevention, Curated Healing Ways. She had helped women have holistic childbirth as childbirth educator, founded Motherhealth, to serve seniors in the bay area with holistic caregivers and blogs at with more than 10,000 health and finance related posts.
She is California Life Insurance licensed providing life insurance for older adults with health issues and helping women retire safely with income for life. aims to serve all women in the USA , protect their mortgage, life, funeral and burial expenses, retirement income, and whole and term life insurance policies with long term care and disability benefits, cash back or return of premiums.

3 Benefit plans

– Mortgage protection using term life insurance to pay for mortgage balance in event of death
– Final Expense plan using Single Issue Whole Life Insurance, with cash back, disability benefit and guaranteed in the presence of health issues
– Fixed Index Annuity retirement plan for safe, accessibility, less fees, less taxes, avoids probate as it goes directly to beneficiaries, rate of return with no downside market participation.

She brings compassion and understanding to the needs of her clients, bringing holistic approach in health and life insurance. Her goal is to free families from worries especially during covid with caregivers and life insurance in the presence of health issues, especially for women.
She can be reached at 408-854-1883 , or

Why Fixed Index Annuities are better than 401k for healthy seniors

Safe (acts like a life insurance), Accessible, Avoid Probate, Rate of return has no downside potential, Taxed less, Fees are less, and an income for life with disability benefits.
Text 408-854-1883 to get an agent help you with Athene Fixed Indexed Annuities in 50 USA states.

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