Kidney health factors by Dr Mercola

How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Problems With Food Satisfying Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipe Boost Your Lung Health and Other Surprising Benefits of Eating More Fiber Story at-a-glance Poor kidney function is associated with diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Common signs of kidney problems include frequent urination, problems urinating, and constant thirst Good kidney […]

New York Times 7-13-2018

CREDITT.J. KIRKPATRICK FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES The Real F.B.I. Election Culprit Hint: It’s not Peter Strzok. 32m agoBy GARRETT M. GRAFF PhotoCREDITT.J. KIRKPATRICK FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES What Friday’s Indictments Mean The allegations of subverting American democracy are troubling in themselves. They also spell trouble for the president. 19m agoBy NORMAN L. EISEN […]

Former FBI official on GOP’s sham hearing: Only person enjoying this ‘travesty’ is Putin 

Susan Collins abandons all pretense of carefully considering her Supreme Court vote Manafort’s mug shot released after getting transferred to new prison—because of his whining Loudmouth who accosted a woman wearing Puerto Rico flag shirt charged with two felony hate crimes We can take back Congress and the states this year, but only if people […]

Vitamin C inhibits synthesis of a molecule essential for bacteria survival

Vitamin C inhibits the synthesis of a molecule essential for bacteria survival That vitamin C, an anti-oxidant agent, boosts and strengthens immunity is well known. Its ability to speed-up recovery from tuberculosis and impede the TB causing bacteria from causing disease, and even kill the bacteria in culture at high concentration are also known. Now, […]