Home health holistic care tips July 2021

Seeking collaborators. Please send in your articles on what you want covered in the upcoming ebook about home health for the 50plus until death.

Topics: hospice care, home care, caregivers, cancer, tube feeding, death, appetite, constipation, oxygen use, medications, anxiety, exercise, nutrition, herbs, alternative medicine, pets, music, massage, oils

This ebook on holistic home health care for the 50s, 60,70s,80s,90s will include topics close to your heart like dying, spiritual, emotional and physical tolls in home care. Caregiving, nursing care, home health care, hospice care and other alternative healing modalities to aid and comfort chronically ill and terminally ill love ones and home alone seniors.

What total home care concierge mean? What to prepare before your love ones return home from the hospital, rehab, nursing homes and all the home care preparations that go with illness and dying.

All topics are welcome. Email your articles to Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com
We seek to help families navigate home care, caregiving, caregivers, hospice, home health teams and all the holistic approaches to living, getting sick and dying.

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Care homes for sale in San Jose and Gilroy

Care homes for seniors and developmentally disabled are for sale in San Jose and Gilroy. Real estate and business included. Some owners are retiring. 4088541883

Some care homes in the bay area have available rooms, shared rooms and private. Call 4088541883 to be referred in these care homes, start from $5000 and up per month.

Sometimes, you need to take your parents in a care home setting with 2 caregivers and 4 other residents to mingle with. This is more affordable than a personal live in caregiver, with Motherhealth caregivers live-in , we are more affordable with holistic caregiving , light housekeeping and assistance in daily living. 4088541883

If there are investors who wanted to partner with Motherhealth in acquiring these care homes, email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com

We started as companions, caregivers

We started as companions, caregivers and then we hold their hands in their last breath. Caregivers started as companions to seniors living by themselves who can still walk. Few months later, they can’t walk anymore and bed bound with their terminal illness. Caregivers fall in love with their clients, who are being cared for 24hours 7 days a week like their own children.

It is heartbreaking to hear a client say to a caregiver, let me go and die. They gave up on life. Both client and caregiver say I love you to each other. Clients never recieved any hugs. Caregivers hug them.

With loving massage and foot soak, they received first class care from caring caregivers at Motherhealth , 4088541883

Most seniors at home are widowed and been living alone. Now that they have a companion and caregiver, they don’t feel alone. They are reminded of their walks, medications and their meals. When they need help with dressing or grooming, their caregivers are there for them. Most of them are being loved more than their families who never visited them.