Vitamin D appears to engage longevity genes to increase lifespan and prevent the accumulation of neurotoxic proteins

USING AI TO DETECT HEART DISEASE NEUROSCIENCE NEWSAPRIL 17, 2018 Researchers apply deep learning algorithms to help measure physiological changes linked to heart disease.… READ MORE… ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEDEEP LEARNINGFEATUREDNEUROLOGYNEUROSCIENCEOPEN NEUROSCIENCE ARTICLES6 MIN READ WORM OFFERS NEW HOPE FOR HUMAN LIMB REGENERATION NEUROSCIENCE NEWSNOVEMBER 28, 2016 Researchers believe that if they can unlock the genetic network that […]

Washington Post 6-22-2018

Tom Toles This may be the signature achievement of Donald J. Trump By Tom Toles Ann Telnaes The Melania look By Ann Telnaes Columns The State Department wants to limit Chinese student visas. Its plan goes too far. Protecting our scientific advances takes precision, not a blunt instrument. 33 minutes ago The dark history behind Trump’s inflammatory […]

New York Times 6-22-2018

The Last of the Tiger Parents MICHELLE GOLDBERG Photo They Really Don’t Care About Migrant Families Photo We Reimagined Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ as a 1940s Propaganda Film CONTRIBUTING OP-ED WRITER Photo The Example of Charles Krauthammer Photo Saudi Women Can Drive Now. Will That Hurt Saudi Women? Editorials More in Editorials » Photo Is Time […]

Top health hacks 6-22-2018

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