Sitting beside a dying patient

Sitting beside my lung cancer patient with high pulse rate, trying to understand what is happening in his body with leaking fluids on his right hand and swelling in extremities, high pulse , low blood pressure and his meds, I played the meditation station using Alexa. At 89, he never smokes, but worked as mechanical engineer and wood shop creative. He started with polyps during his colonoscopy at 50 and took care of his wife with chronic illness for more than 20 years.
This morning he said, morning cute Connie. I massaged his swollen right arm while listening to his complaints about his hospital bed in his living room.
With many dying clients, I know that when the knees gave up, death is near. He can still walk. Only that, can his love one endure with him till the end or will they give him to hospice for morphine?

Healing oil from caregivers at Motherhealth

Caring for terminally ill is about comfort and loving care. With Motherhealth caregivers , , 4088541883
patients find comfort in our use of healing oils. Bay area caregivers were trained in listening to the needs of the clients, communicating to the care team on any changes to their health and finding ways to comfort them as they live the last days of their lives.
Massaged both my liver cancer and lung cancer clients this week with the above oil. I see comfort and progress. In the past, I also massaged a female client with ovarian and breast cancer and she lived 2 more weeks instead of 2 days.
My caregiver called crying, noting that our client is not responding. I arrived and inspected purple toes and fingers. I noted that there is still air coming from his exhalation without the oxygen. The morphine drops really arrest the muscles, making the person to slowly expire. But, we did’nt give much morphine in the hopes that the client really wanted to survive a little longer. Making plans for his going to the casino. Life throws us many setbacks and can stop us from our future goals. Keep listening to your body, heal them early. Eat healthy. Sleep more. Exercise. Get sunshine. Walk on the beach and love with wild abandon.

Half of the bayarea are renters

Know your rights. Can the landlord file for an arrest if you submitted a mechanic’s lien? Can a landlord not return your deposit and file false statements and justifications of not returning your deposit?

All of these can happen in the bayarea. What to do? Keep looking for reasonable and kind landlord until such time that you are self sufficient and no longer need to rent in the expensive bayarea rentals.

Together as renters, we must advocate for each other and find ways to know our rights and be proactive in the way we rent and live in an expensive bayarea housing.

We can join forces and create a mobile home community or small housing community. Tiny homes and modular homes are everywhere. We can also bond together to build ADU or granny units and be able to find homeowner who will cooperate with us.

Otherwise, we can only be here in the bayarea temporarily while we work to save and find another beautiful place to live near the bay area.

Gift for new homeowners with swim pool

Have solar with us and we will give you a gift as homeowner with swim pool. Contact Connie 4088541883

Solar panels and financing in one, if needed a full reroof. No house lien, transferable agreement and quality solar panels from start to monitoring.

Save money, save the planet and no more yearly 10% increases of energy rates from utility companies. Solar vs coal, 0.32cents per watt vs 0.18cents

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Every year, there are more efficient solar panels, micro inverters and choices. Let us show you your solar design to fit your future decisions of getting or having electric cars.

Now hiring solar reps as solar dealers in the USA and licensed life insurance agents as wealth strategists.

Live in caregivers needed in Moss Beach and Santa Clara

Hospice male clients have lung and liver issues. Live in caregivers to cook and assist in daily living. Must be caring. Room space is provided to sleep.

Caregiving takes patience, training provided. 4088541883

Also hiring life insurance agents and solar panel sales reps.