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Why it is beneficial to live with your 80 yr old mother?

Did you know what your mother eats for breakfast? She only ate toast bread yesterday because she feels no energy to prepare a healthy meal. You can live with your mother and help buy foods for her from the farmer’s market and other stores. You can eat breakfast together and ensure that she has herContinue reading “Why it is beneficial to live with your 80 yr old mother?”

Caring for parents by gen X

Most common issues with ailing parents, age 70 to 100 are: lack of appetite, lack of sleep, chronic conditions such as cough, pain, constipation, UTI, anxiety, depression, pneumonia, kidney and liver health issues from polypharmacy, med addiction, arthritis, inflammation and other degenerative health issues. It is very difficult when a spouse care for her ailingContinue reading “Caring for parents by gen X”