Smart caregivers using smart health tools, science and high technologies

Can we create health tools to help monitor and be proactive with the health of our current patients with full engagement from all health care team? There are high tech tools today that is being developed to help our patients, measuring biometrics, behaviours and biology. A smart caregiver using health tools, health data, health science and health care team can be very helpful in preventing emergencies.

At Motherhealth – bay area caregivers , we educate and train caregivers and families in ensuring to be proactive about the health of the people we serve.

One of our senior client was visited by a nurse who measured his body temp (anally) and with feedback from the caregiver regarding his body responses the night before (pain level, anxiety, and other feedback from his biology and other health care data) was able to determine to take the patient to the ER for antibiotics and be monitored by the doctor for more health data.

The future is looking at smart and empowered care teams from doctors, health consumers and caregivers to take an important role in monitoring and impacting better health outcomes.

While more money is used to create more clinical trials, high technology tools and collaboration, the volume of research and tools are increasing in number every day that the health consumer has to proactively be part of the equation in defining the future of health care with less waste and reduced chronic care costs.

Lessons: Health consumers and families are engaged about their health outcomes. Health tools are used in combination with human touch.

In transporting the patient from home to bay area hospital where a gourney is used and not a wheelchair without incurring the cost of the emergency transport, google non-emergency transport and call the ER of the hospital of your arrival time. And maybe transfer the patient from gourney to wheel chair once you arrive in the hospital. We wish that the doctor can be connected online, and the nurse can administer the antiobiotics IV. We are not in this mode yet, that we have to transport patients for pneumonia and UTI when a home health solution can be implemented with telemedicine and a nurse practitioner communicating to a visiting home health nurse. This is still using only a smart phone and common nursing tools. We have not used the high tech tools that is envisioned and the greatest in the preventive and monitoring health care space.

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Nursing and caregiving week

nurse 3nurse 2nurse 1nurseThank you to all nurses and caregivers who take care of their clients like family 24/7, ensuring they are safe and providing assistance in daily living and in coping with their health.

We would like to partner with all nurses and caregivers, 10% profit sharing in matching seniors with caregivers 24/7 in the bay area. Email 408-854-1883. Donation for affordable senior homes should be mailed to Motherhealth at 1708 Hallmark lane San Jose, CA 95124.

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Motherhealth Bay area caregivers, conscientious and dependable

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Caregivers, Case managers, partners and marketeers are welcome. We offer profit sharing. Email Connie at


Calling all hospice care, geriatric care and senior care specialists

Motherhealth wish to collaborate with you all in helping match senior care with caregivers in the bay area. Profit sharing is welcome with no cash participation upfront, only sweat equity. You can join us in our goal to bring affordable care among our adult populations in the bay area. Email Connie at or text 408-854-1883 for more information on how you can help another senior get needed caregivers who are compassionate and well trained. You will be joining as Care Partner who will help envision the future of caregiving with Motherhealth and future web site, , a health concierge with global reach using health data and more.

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caregiver 2Seven A’s for Addressing Health Equity

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem to be addressed.
  2. Agree on the goal, and identify what resources are necessary to meet it.
  3. Align the goal with existing priorities.
  4. Determine what actions are needed to achieve the goal.
  5. Create alliances to implement the actions.
  6. Analyze progress, and adjust the plan as necessary.
  7. Have shared accountability for reaching the goal.

We know that health equity cannot be achieved by a single individual or organization, so forging alliances and working together is critical. We also know that we must be able to measure our progress. Having data and doing analysis of it are important for the development, assessment, and revision of our health equity plan. The last of the A’s requires us to be accountable and ask the question – what happens if we do not reach our goal? There shouldn’t be one person or organization responsible for the success or failure of a plan, but a shared accountability.

Hospice Care, archived articles from Washington Post

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and Boston terrier mix. She needs a home and hospice care because she recently was diagnosed with cancer.
County, Md., from 1984 to 1994, died Feb. 15 at a hospice care center in Rockville. The cause was a subdural

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County, Md., from 1984 to 1994, died Feb. 15 at a hospice care center in Rockville, Md. The cause was a subdural
into remission? Nothing makes a hospice happier than to know its care has helped a patient get better or

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selecting pets from programs for dogs in need of hospice care, or what amounts to assisted living for very

distinction between hospice care and other health services. Hospices instead provide “palliative care“- that is,
reasons. Others offer in-home euthanasia and in-home hospice care – humane, compassionate services that I advocate
FEB. 14 Calvert Hospice seminar: “Understanding Hospice Care” Learn about end-of-life care for patients
Spiritual Care Support Ministry Center, 76 W. Shirley Ave., Warrenton. 540-349-5814. Hospice support Free

diagnoses about perinatal hospice before they terminate a pregnancy. The care model is a bundle of services,

to be at the bedside of a relative who is in hospice care, according to his spokesman. Matt Clark said

Bay area land needed for affordable homes – modular home sale from $20k

mod homes

Email or text Connie Dello Buono to meet at 408-854-1883.

We need to band together to find an affordable way to own a house in the bay area.

Donate your lands to Motherhealth or Green Research Institute 501c3 at 1708 hallmark lane, San Jose CA 95124

Personal or home care aide – caregiver responsibilities

In a bigger community – assisted living facility, a home care or personal aide shall perform the following duties.

  • Provides direct and indirect client care elements to clients under the direction of a case manager.
  • Uses appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene.
  • Adheres to plan of care for home health aide or personal aide.
  • Observe, report and document client status
  • Maintain a clean safe environment.
  • Assure adequate nutrition and fluid intake.
  • Recognizes emergencies and knows protocols.
  • Safely transfer and ambulate client.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Help maintain the client’s physical and mental well being.
  • Assist the family to care for their family member and at times relieving the family of such care.
  • Encouraging the family to try new ways to provide care and support by using techniques that help the individual achieve the maximum possible level of physical, mental, emotional and social well being.
  • Attends in-services or training as required.
  • May perform other duties as assigned.

For caregivers serving clients in their homes instead of a larger nursing or assisted living facilities, light housekeeping is included and other tasks such as cooking, shopping, driving, laundry, and ensuring the environment is safe and care is coordinated with pharmacists and other health care professionals for medical appointment and client’s well being maintenance.

Important skill sets: Learn CPR, First Aid, nursing care for bedridden clients, grooming, medication management, and other caregiving tips. Always have a heart when performing your job, as your smile and happy disposition helps ease anxiety from clients.

At Motherhealth, our caregivers are trained to give healing massage to our older adult/senior clients. And always be sensitive to the regular routine of the clients and their needs.

Salary varies depending on level of care and ability to pay, salary range from $15 to $25 per hr. Client fee also varies from $20 to $32 per hr.

Live in fees for clients depends on level of care. It starts from $250 to $350 per 24hr care.

Motherhealth is hiring caregivers, personal aide, home care aide and CNA. Text/call 408-8541883 or email of your availability.

Training is offered. Get certified by Motherhealth to be a caregiver. Email or text your contact info.

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