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Subornation of perjury

Subornation of perjury From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search In American law, Scots law and under the law of some English-speaking Commonwealth nations, subornation of perjury is the crime of persuading a person to commit perjury, the swearing of a false oath to tell the truth in a legal proceeding, whether spoken or written. The term subornation of perjury further describes the circumstance

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Checkmate: The shutdown is an impeachable offense if Trump vetoes a bill to reopen the government

Under the Constitution, he has no right to demand such an appropriation — much less to hold vital government functions hostage to obtain it. The president is not coequal with Congress when it comes to appropriations — the power of the purse belongs to the legislative branch, not the executive. James Madison makes this clear

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