Personal or home care aide – caregiver responsibilities

In a bigger community – assisted living facility, a home care or personal aide shall perform the following duties.

  • Provides direct and indirect client care elements to clients under the direction of a case manager.
  • Uses appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene.
  • Adheres to plan of care for home health aide or personal aide.
  • Observe, report and document client status
  • Maintain a clean safe environment.
  • Assure adequate nutrition and fluid intake.
  • Recognizes emergencies and knows protocols.
  • Safely transfer and ambulate client.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Help maintain the client’s physical and mental well being.
  • Assist the family to care for their family member and at times relieving the family of such care.
  • Encouraging the family to try new ways to provide care and support by using techniques that help the individual achieve the maximum possible level of physical, mental, emotional and social well being.
  • Attends in-services or training as required.
  • May perform other duties as assigned.

For caregivers serving clients in their homes instead of a larger nursing or assisted living facilities, light housekeeping is included and other tasks such as cooking, shopping, driving, laundry, and ensuring the environment is safe and care is coordinated with pharmacists and other health care professionals for medical appointment and client’s well being maintenance.

Important skill sets: Learn CPR, First Aid, nursing care for bedridden clients, grooming, medication management, and other caregiving tips. Always have a heart when performing your job, as your smile and happy disposition helps ease anxiety from clients.

At Motherhealth, our caregivers are trained to give healing massage to our older adult/senior clients. And always be sensitive to the regular routine of the clients and their needs.

Salary varies depending on level of care and ability to pay, salary range from $15 to $25 per hr. Client fee also varies from $20 to $32 per hr.

Live in fees for clients depends on level of care. It starts from $250 to $350 per 24hr care.

Motherhealth is hiring caregivers, personal aide, home care aide and CNA. Text/call 408-8541883 or email of your availability.

Training is offered. Get certified by Motherhealth to be a caregiver. Email or text your contact info.

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A compete picture of your health in the palm of your hand

Health Screens

  • Whole blood panel test $500 (Motherhealth is affiliated with Life Extension and it lab services)
  • EXOME DNA Sequence test $500
  • UBIOME test of your gut microbes $100 ((Motherhealth is affiliated with UBIOME)
  • List of history of your family health issues

Fitness Tracker Health Monitor $320


To order this fitness tracker, join for free and then order at:

Curated Health info FREE

Connie as your health coach FREE

Contact Connie at or text 408-854-1883

Refer Motherhealth caregivers to bay area seniors who needs live in caregiving, starts at $250 for 24-hr care.

Motherhealth caregivers brochure for bay area seniors

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Donate your land or homes in the bay area to provide affordable housing and care for seniors. Motherhealth Inc 501c3 or Green Research Institute 501c3 ; 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

Please add your info as a health professional so we can refer you to others:

Non medical home care with wearable for smart home monitoring

Caregivers at Motherhealth provide non-medical care and we recommend a smart watch, a Worldgn wearable ( $320 )  to monitor important health vitals for seniors we care at home. Together, you, the caregiver and the doctor can see real time health vitals important in preventing emergencies.

Caregivers are trained to massage, manage medication, provide assistance in daily living, cook healthy foods, be a companion, driver and help with light housekeeping.

Fee varies from $18 per hr to $250 for 24 hr period. Live-in caregiving is preferred as most of our caregivers prefer this schedule.

Email or text 408-854-1883 for bay area caregivers and a wearable to help monitor your seniors at home.


Home-based global marketers  for the Wearable Worldgn product and bay area caregivers are needed.

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Bay area senior care 408-854-1883

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Caring and compassionate caregivers from Motherhealth senior care since 2004.

Motherhealth caregivers bring sunshine to the faces of seniors in the bay area.  Our trick is gourmet cooked meals, massage and companionship with care.

Email for 24-hr response time.

Location: greater bay area

Cost: Based on level of care, 4-hr care minimum, 24-hr care discount and 3months care discount ; health insurance companies ; private pay

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10% of Motherhealth’s income goes to deserving college students in the USA and the Philippines.


Customers and clients say:

Your caregivers work above and beyond. They are the only ones who can calm our mother with PArkinson and Alzheimer. Thank you so much.

My father likes and loves your caregivers especially during his hospice weeks.

Thank you for the massage to my mom, she loves your caregivers.

CMS urges states to use Medicaid to care for disabled at home

By Virgil Dickson