$25k vs $2.5k health screen with health coaching

You as health consumer must be empowered to know the latest in health screens from EXOME/whole DNA test, gut microbiome test and whole blood panel tests. Together with your doctor, results of these health screens can help clear your path towards keeping your mind and body strong and healthy.

Motherhealth will soon launch an integrated health screens with health coaching where results are emailed to you, your doctor, genetic counselor and other health care team members you identify. The cost is $2500 vs the competitor which cost more than $25000.

The service includes health screen tests (DNA/EXOME, gut microbiome, whole blood)  , nutrition consult and health coaching to guide and motivate you in your journey toward achieving the balance in health, mind and body.

You can also start a journal of notes and symptoms that you feel and experience. Together with your doctor, you can have a clue of what will happen if these health symptoms are not attended. Care for your body now before it is too late.

Many cancer patients have chronic indigestion, migraine, cough, pain and other symptoms that started 5 or 10 years ago.

Nursing care is becoming more expensive in the absence of a long term care insurance.

If your family is not around to help care for you, you need a caregiver 4hrs or 24hrs to care for you during chronic health care crisis.

Search this site for symptoms and health care tips.

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A mobile health app for matching care for home care agencies, doctors,nurses and consumers

Need: Caregivers/doctor/nurses for home bound bay area seniors/health consumers needing telemedicine or in person visit

Caregivers and home care agencies

All caregivers must enlist in anyone of the home care agencies in the bay area. Motherhealth is one of them hiring caregivers as independent contractors. Text your references and contact info at 408-854-1883 and via email at motherhealth@gmail.com to be scheduled for training online/phone and in person.

Care-giver Email+Tel Home care agency City Availa-bility Case Mgr/Visiting Nurses Ref-erences
Name not shown to health consumers; shown after matching occurs From 100 list; Now accepting all contact info and email of all home care agencies Palo Alto In 24 hrs Only case mgr/with visiting nurse for care coordina-tion Checked /Not checked
In 2 days
In 3 days
In 1week
In 2weeks

Home care agencies will be notified of caregiving needs from the mobile health app and via email and/or text with health consumer summary of request.

Home care agencies price range per hour care with caregivers is from $18-$30 per hr depending on level of care. These home care agencies have case manager and vising nurses to visit and monitor client and caregivers.

Profit sharing to all health care pros

We help find the clients and help in monitoring, matching and payment and other admin tasks. Share in the profit. Takes between 5-10% of your income of which 10% are allocated for profit share to be distributed quarterly or yearly.

Summary of health care request from health consumers

Health consumers can use the app to enter city, desired health specialty or health care professional, start date and price range.
Clients that we serve included in the notes to health care pro: seniors, children,young adult,older adult,toddlers,autistic,post surgery,hospice or terminally ill clients,cancer clients, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, stroke,and other health challenged clients.
Add in Note to health care pro: ambulatory,needs wheel chair transport,needs driver to appointments,needs physical therapy+caregiver,needs 24-hr care,uses catheter or GI tube,uses oxygen,other health issues.

Earn referral fees and/or profit sharing.

Client Email City Health care professional Week needed Video/
Electro-nic Sched/Notification Note to health care pro
Name available after matching address available after match-ing Caregiver/
physical therapist/
In 24 hrs Yes/No Email/text/phone
In 2 days
In 3 days
In 1week
In 2weeks


Google AD: Loving caregivers 4088541883 for home care for seniors with Alzheimer, stroke, hospice or Parkinson

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Dear Readers,

Your referrals to Motherhealth caregivers at 408-854-1883 for bay area seniors needing caregivers is much appreciated. I will continue on sharing more health topics for you to share with others and be empowered about your health.

Each of us has challenges in our health and the health of our love ones. Do take action every day to benefit your health, mind and body.


Connie Dello Buono

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On-call bay area caregivers, we match and you save

Caregivers on-call
We match, you save
Trusted Motherhealth

Loving caregivers
24-hr response

Matched caregivers
Loving bay area team


Please suggest an AD for Motherhealth caregivers that is less than 20 words for our AD placement at the San Mateo Daily Journal via email at motherhealth@gmail.com

Motherhealth health search – mobile app coming soon, advertisers wanted

search health curated

Motherhealth Mobile_screen requirements 3.0

Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you want to advertise with Motherhealth’s health concierge site. Last month , we have 500 visitors per day or 15,000 visitors per month globally. There are now more than 7000 health posts.

Advertisers will help push us to the next project, a mobile application direct to health consumers empowering them to take action about their health, match care providers and use the latest health screens that are also available to doctors.

Investors are welcome from $500 or more.
Motherhealth LLC
1708 Hallmark Lane , San Jose, CA 95124


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You’re Probably Going to Need Medicaid

You’re Probably Going to Need Medicaid


JUNE 13, 2017

Imagine your mother needs to move into a nursing home. It’s going to cost her almost $100,000 a year. Very few people have private insurance to cover this. Your mother will most likely run out her savings until she qualifies for Medicaid.

This is not a rare event. Roughly one in three people now turning 65 will require nursing home care at some point during his or her life. Over three-quarters of long-stay nursing home residents will eventually be covered by Medicaid. Many American voters think Medicaid is only for low-income adults and their children — for people who aren’t “like them.” But Medicaid is not “somebody else’s” insurance. It is insurance for all of our mothers and fathers and, eventually, for ourselves.

The American Health Care Act that passed the House and is now being debated by the Senate would reduce spending on Medicaid by over $800 billion, the largest single reduction in a social insurance program in our nation’s history. The budget released by President Trump last month would up the ante by slashing another $600 billion over 10 years from the program. Whether the Senate adopts cuts of quite this magnitude or not, any legislation that passes the Republican Congress is likely to include the largest cuts to the Medicaid program since its inception.

Much focus has rightly been placed on the enormous damage this would do to lower-income families and youth. But what has been largely missing from public discussion is the radical implications that such cuts would have for older and disabled Americans.

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Medicaid is our nation’s largest safety net for low-income people, accounting for one-sixth of all health care spending in the United States. But few people seem to know that nearly two-thirds of that spending is focused on older and disabled adults — primarily through spending on long-term care services such as nursing homes.


Indeed, Medicaid pays nearly half of nursing home costs for those who need assistance because of medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or stroke. In some states, overall spending on older and disabled adults amounts to as much as three-quarters of Medicaid spending. As a result, there is no way that the program can shrink by 25 percent (as under the A.H.C.A.) or almost 50 percent (as under the Trump budget), without hurting these people.

A large body of research, some of it by us, has shown that cuts to nursing home reimbursement can have devastating effects on vulnerable patients. Many nursing homes would stop admitting Medicaid recipients and those who don’t have enough assets to ensure that they won’t eventually end up on Medicaid. Older and disabled Medicaid beneficiaries can’t pay out of pocket for services and they do not typically have family members able to care for them. The nursing home is a last resort. Where will they go instead?

Those who are admitted to a nursing home may not fare much better. Lowering Medicaid reimbursement rates lead to reductions in staffing, particularly of nurses. Research by one of us shows that a cut in the reimbursement rate of around 10 percent leads to a functional decline of nursing home residents (that is, a decline in their ability to walk or use the bathroom by themselves) of almost 10 percent. It also raises the odds that they will be in persistent pain by 5 percent, and the odds of getting a bedsore by 2 percent.

Finally, these cuts would just shift costs to the rest of the government. Lower-quality nursing home care leads to more hospitalizations, and for Americans over 65, these are paid for by another government program, Medicare. One-quarter of nursing home residents are hospitalized each year, and the daily cost of caring for them more than quadruples when they move to the hospital. Research shows that a reduction in nursing home reimbursements of around 10 percent leads to a 5 percent rise in the odds that residents will be hospitalized. So care for seniors suffers, and the taxpayer pays.

Mr. Trump and the Republicans would lower spending on the frailest and most vulnerable people in our health care system. They would like most Americans to believe that these cuts will not affect them, only their “undeserving” neighbors. But that hides the truth that draconian cuts to Medicaid affect all of our families. They are a direct attack on our elderly, our disabled and our dignity.

David Grabowski is a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School. Jonathan Gruber is a professor of economics at M.I.T. Vincent Mor is a professor of health care policy at Brown.

Join a village as a care provider – caregiver, doctor or allied health pro with access to health screens – DNA and lab tests

Match care providers with heath consumers

Motherhealth plans to create a health concierge application with the first module to match care providers with heath consumers in an Uber like format.

A village of care providers
You will belong to one or more cities to make up a village to provide health care support as caregiver, doctor or other allied health professional.  Our goal is to create a village where everyone can be a care provider such as a caregiver, doctor or allied health professional.
All members of the village will have profit sharing and all health consumers own their health data and also share in the profit.

Email your info to motherhealth@gmail.com or the form below  to be added as care provider, caregiver, doctor in the city you wanted to serve.

We help you Google…
We will be the health concierge for you and the health consumers you serve with curated health data.  This means less time using google as we will guide you and your village/health consumer to find support, health tools, resources with everyone involved in health care.

Free caregiver training

We provide free caregiver training to all online, via email and phone coaching.

Health Tools and Screens for doctors and health consumers

We provide the latest health tools and health screens for doctors to add in their services such as this one , DNA based health screen :
Email motherhealth@gmail.com for more info. For health consumers, we have to order 25 kits at a time and use conniedbuono@gmail.com as paypal account.
For those who do not have a health insurance and wanted a whole blood test panel, we partnered with Life Extension. Email motherhealth@gmail.com to get personalized lab tests with free health coaching.


Health Concierge for Health Consumers and by Health Consumers

You define your path to wellness and be part of the village where health concierge embraces human touch, health technology and a caring village.

We will embrace the current western medicine and complimentary/alternative medicine.

We will share our health stories and together find data insights from our health data.

We make it easy to understand the latest research in science and medicine. As health consumers we should be empowered and proactive.

There is no waiting time or waste as we learn from each other and build a knowledge base of what works in curing cancer, how to die in a safe environment, how to protect our bodies from environmental and behavioral toxins, how to have quality of life and save costs in chronic care and many areas of health care.

Earn consultant fee in introducing other investing partners to fuel this cause. Email motherhealth@gmail.com to bring these goals faster to health consumers.

Every 2 seconds, someone’s heart is giving up from stroke or heart attack as we bombard our liver and cells with medications, stress, inflammation, toxins and other unknowns. Let us stop these toxins and other unknowns in health care. Be part of the solution in health care with health concierge for a caring village.

Connie Dello Buono