Drink warm salt water to clean your body

Drinking warm salt water might flush toxins and virus. Others add baking soda and lemon. Some of my caregivers have ginger and  garlic drink. A doctor stayed home and lie down on his stomach and did other holistic preventive and healing ways.

Being in contact with a lot of people and in an environment with a lot of changing of dirty diapers like in nursing homes, predisposes one to all kinds of invading pathogens such as bacteria and virus.

Covid-19 is very virulent that people knows they have to use all kinds of holistic or home remedies before it can get hold of vital organs in the body. A slight throat itch and cough and other signs make everyone so alert that they can either flush the virus now or be intubated, more invasive.

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My 83-yr old mother’s fight against liver cancer

She does not want to be bed ridden or be dependent on others but she is always feeling fatigue, nauseous, itchy skin, constipated, have diarrhea, severe headache and in severe body pain.

After working for more than 18 years in the bay area in home care setting, she is now fighting liver cancer.  We wanted to not let her know of the liver cancer diagnosis but she was adamant. She knows her body well.

We use the following holistic healing ways with combination medical treatment to cleanse her body from liver cancer:

  • Prescribed meds for pain, constipation, diarrhea
  • IV of Vitamin C
  • Supplements
  • Whole foods
  • Massage
  • Sunshine
  • Fresh ocean air
  • Sleep
  • De-stressing tools

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Care home facility or caregivers in your homes

In nursing homes and care homes, you do not get a one-on-one personal care. Many caregivers at client’s homes provide extra care with assistance in daily living as home care aid and added tasks from preparing special gourmet meals, massage, light housekeeping to a personal companion that provides hugs and laughter.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com or text 408-854-1883 if you wanted holistic caregivers in the bay area for your parents who has Alzheimer’s or other chronic health conditions for the elderly.

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What it takes to own a home care agency in the bay area

You must wake up early morning ready to be a caregiver when your caregivers are not available. You must know how to transfer a dead weight male client from bed to wheelchair and back. You must know how to help a client with constipation.

Will you take the job with the skills and knowledge of a holistic caregiver who can assist seniors bed-bound in their homes?

Will you clean their body and help their aching body feel better and live another day getting a hug from you?

Will you massage their aching body with love and compassion to ease the pain?

Will you teach another caregiver your knowledge of what the patient needs in terms of holistic home health, non-medical?

Text 408-854-1883 for holistic home health from Motherhealth caregivers serving the greater bay area.

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How we helped a lung cancer patient live more than 24 months

Before we were hired to be 8-hour per day caregiver for a 4th stage lung cancer client in Los Gatos, California , we were told that he has 6 months to live. Over a year now and he can get up from his bed with his oxygen and getting 6x short walks around his bedroom and doing a squatting and breathing exercise. He is a veteran firefighter and has severe lung issues that he is on oxygen 24 hours a day.

We provide massage, gourmet healthy meals (soup) and loving care. His doctor changed his expiration date from 6 months to 12 months. We are sure that we can help him live more than  that. He is determined, he drinks water often, drinks his Ensure, and we help him with his bowel movement with suppository , massage, exercise, and whole foods.

We use coconut oil and other essential oils. All Motherhealth caregivers are trained according to his routine.

Text 408-854-1883 if you want 24/7 caregivers or 8 hours within the greater bay area.

Our secret to long life are: hugs, loving caregivers, matched care based on clients’ health needs, whole foods, massage oil, healthy water, exercise, and happy clients

Motherhealth caregivers is holistic home health with happy clients.

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