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I had COVID-19, pineapple, ginger and the rest helped me

Wear masks everyone! Last Tuesday, I drove an elderly client to attend the Widower’s club. We wore masks inside. I learned the next day that she is positive from exposure to her family. So, I went to Trader’s Joe and bought pineapples, 1 for her and 2 for me. Her caregiver didn’t get COVID. IContinue reading “I had COVID-19, pineapple, ginger and the rest helped me”

Coping with second Moderna vaccine shot

Feeling sick all day and laying on the bed, I was hoping that I can recover fast after this second vaccine shot. The first one, did not have any reactions at all. This time, the second vaccine shot from Moderna gave me a chill, fever and dizziness the next day. For one whole day, IContinue reading “Coping with second Moderna vaccine shot”

Health resource helper and coaching to a healthy you

For health research and health support tools, the oils come with it and custom fit to your current health issues. The oil product link is not working in this site Product menu. You can mail a check to Motherhealth llc, at 2599 Pantalis drive, San Jose CA USA 95132 or to non-profit Motherhealth Inc.or zelleContinue reading “Health resource helper and coaching to a healthy you”

All of us are affected by covid19

Our friends and family got Covid, some survived. We pray for the spirit of those who died, may they rest in peace and forever be remembered by their love ones. My niece, GF and insurance agent got positive test from covid, they rested and got well. All the time, we are worried for the worseContinue reading “All of us are affected by covid19”

Drink warm salt water to clean your body

Drinking warm salt water might flush toxins and virus. Others add baking soda and lemon. Some of my caregivers have ginger and  garlic drink. A doctor stayed home and lie down on his stomach and did other holistic preventive and healing ways. Being in contact with a lot of people and in an environment withContinue reading “Drink warm salt water to clean your body”

Motherhealth health care staff to check on your employees temperature onsite

Motherhealth health care providers are staffing manufacturing sites in the bay area to check incoming employees temperature and provide mask to prevent Covid-19 virus spread. Let’s keep bay area workers safe. Text 408-854-1883 for faster response. We have been serving companies such as Varian and other facilities both medical and non medical.

Anti-parasitic and anti Covid19 diet by Connie

Up to nearly 10% of Americans may be infected with brain parasites found in undercooked meat. One example is the brain-invasive pork tapeworm, which is the most common cause of adult-onset epilepsy. Allergenic fish worms found in nearly two-thirds of retail fish tested can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. There have been migratory skinContinue reading “Anti-parasitic and anti Covid19 diet by Connie”