Coping with second Moderna vaccine shot

Feeling sick all day and laying on the bed, I was hoping that I can recover fast after this second vaccine shot. The first one, did not have any reactions at all.

This time, the second vaccine shot from Moderna gave me a chill, fever and dizziness the next day. For one whole day, I lay on my bed, pressing on my armpit. I ate an apple and garlic filled chicken soup in small cup. I have been drinking orange juice and water with apple cider vinegar. Stretching on my bed, I keep deep breathing, breathing in thru the nose and out to the mouth.

What I noticed is that my tummy is very warm. I have to push myself to stand and get the chicken soup with 3 cloves of garlic and ate one big apple all day. I remembered my grandma who will massage our armpit and hands and thighs whenever we are sick with fever, so I did press my body hoping to move my lymps to help my immune system.

I wonder if this is the same feeling of those who had COVID19. The next day, all the dizziness and chills were gone. I’m back to my computer for my remote job and businesses.

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Some questions to answer:

Do you have filtered water? what is the noise or pollution level around you?

Do you have an indoor stationary bike?

What are your sleep habits?
A copy of your blood test results will help customize your diet and lifestyle plan to a healthy you.

Know that our bioage is affected by the environment , health of our epithelial cells which translates to the efficiency of our RNA in preventing infections.
Story about mRNA ,
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All of us are affected by covid19

Our friends and family got Covid, some survived. We pray for the spirit of those who died, may they rest in peace and forever be remembered by their love ones.

My niece, GF and insurance agent got positive test from covid, they rested and got well. All the time, we are worried for the worse might come. Thank God that they survived.

Today, one of my insurance agent in Socal was tested positive with Covid.

My tips: warm water with salt, Vitamin C, zinc, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D and E, selenium, melatonin, magnesium and essential oil of euclyptus mixed in coconut oil.

Rest, be brave and strong and fight the virus with rest, sleep, warm drink of salt and other whole foods such as fresh pineapple, papaya, kiwi and beef broth with lots of garlic, ginger, carrots, apples, celery.

Warm drink: ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, oregano, nutmeg, salt, turmeric

Stay in the sun during daytime.

Get well to us all.

Drink warm salt water to clean your body

Drinking warm salt water might flush toxins and virus. Others add baking soda and lemon. Some of my caregivers have ginger and  garlic drink. A doctor stayed home and lie down on his stomach and did other holistic preventive and healing ways.

Being in contact with a lot of people and in an environment with a lot of changing of dirty diapers like in nursing homes, predisposes one to all kinds of invading pathogens such as bacteria and virus.

Covid-19 is very virulent that people knows they have to use all kinds of holistic or home remedies before it can get hold of vital organs in the body. A slight throat itch and cough and other signs make everyone so alert that they can either flush the virus now or be intubated, more invasive.

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Motherhealth health care staff to check on your employees temperature onsite

Motherhealth health care providers are staffing manufacturing sites in the bay area to check incoming employees temperature and provide mask to prevent Covid-19 virus spread.

Let’s keep bay area workers safe.

Text 408-854-1883 for faster response.

We have been serving companies such as Varian and other facilities both medical and non medical.

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