Comply with covid19 proofing your manufacturing facility in the bay area

Define and follow your protocols in ensuring that your employees are safe during covid19 times with temperature checking, providing masks and creating distancing protocols  that work with your facility.

Motherhealth health care staff can team up with your security in  the bay area.

Call 408-854-1883 , or email to provide you with health care staff to check temperatures , provide masks and help implement your social distancing protocols.

Measures to protect employee health, prevent crowds from gathering, keep people at least 6 feet apart, prevent unnecessary contact and increase sanitization.


Motherhealth health care staff to check on your employees temperature onsite

Motherhealth health care providers are staffing manufacturing sites in the bay area to check incoming employees temperature and provide mask to prevent Covid-19 virus spread.

Let’s keep bay area workers safe.

Text 408-854-1883 for faster response.

We have been serving companies such as Varian and other facilities both medical and non medical.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by RockHealth

AI in healthThese three categories—expert systems, traditional machine learning, and frontier machine learning—are organized along this spectrum according to two distinguishing attributes:

  • Their autonomy as assessed by the degree of human guidance they require to function
  • Their explainability—meaning the degree to which humans can examine how an algorithm is coming to a particular prediction or output2

These attributes are inversely related: More autonomous and fine-tuned algorithms require less human guidance; however, it’s more difficult to understand what the computer is doing and why.

Don’t assume “moving to the right” on the spectrum is optimal. More advanced algorithms aren’t always better. Most companies should be assessing and using a variety of techniques. For example, Amino, a San Francisco-based company with an online platform that provides healthcare provider recommendations, cost transparency, and appointment booking, is constantly testing algorithms to find the optimal mix of techniques. They recently tested deep learning algorithms to surface trends on physician specialties and evaluated their technique against two guiding questions:

  • What degree of accuracy is necessary to make the product successful?
  • What is the incremental improvement from using a more expensive, sophisticated method? Is a simpler technique available?

Against this framework, they decided the added specificity from the deep learning techniques was not worth the added cost in terms of the development time and computing resources needed. Every company using AI/ML should demonstrate an iterative, flexible, yet rigorous mindset in which they seek a desired level of predictive power using the simplest, most affordable techniques available. Investors, enterprise leaders, and others evaluating AI/ML-powered startups can use the Spectrum of Algorithms to guide conversations about the techniques each startup is using, and the utility and intent of using those particular algorithms.

Senior care consultant to help you navigate the care of your aging parents

There are many ways to care for your aging parents. Knowing the health, financial, legal, caregiving, limitations, holistic healing and other healing ways to attend to the needs of your aging parents are important.

You might need a day companion or non medical caregiver beside your parent who is now in a nursing home.

You might need a care team to monitor daily both your parents , the house , medications and caregivers.

We can guide you.



It is like going to a doctor’s office or ER. When presented with a groin pain, the admitting nurse, PA or NP asks you standard questions. What is the level of your pain now? Other questions will determine if you have clots, aneuryism, vascular health issues, stroke, hernia and then a blood and urine test is taken. Your BP is measured and some times they will inspect your legs. The patient questionnaire is old and not updated based on many new medical and non medical research, findings and best practice.

That is why a real artificial intelligence in the health care industry is hard to define and set a standard.

But not knowing other factors, what you did 3 days ago, what did you eat, what kind of working environment do you have and past health issues will be a disadvantage to predict the root cause of your health issue.

The medical narrative, caregiving needs and matching the care needed for your aging parents takes a village and must consider many factors and solutions.

Let us help you.


How to find calmness , a caregiver at your side

calm finds me

Email on how to find calmness in your life.

Anxiety is the number one health issue of seniors.

We ensure that they are calm. We give them good sleep, massage, whole foods and a companion they can trust. But at times, they could not sleep. Melatonin have helped them.

For most bay area seniors, they worry about the house they left behind since they are now living in a care home for seniors.

For those who live alone, they worry about sales calls, sales people knocking on their door, their finances and many other worries.

We help remove some of these anxieties for seniors in the bay area who need assistance in daily living , a caregiver or home helper. Cities we serve for non medical in home caregiving includes Atherton, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Santa Clara county, Saratoga, Los Gatos and nearby cities.