Senior care consultant to help you navigate the care of your aging parents

There are many ways to care for your aging parents. Knowing the health, financial, legal, caregiving, limitations, holistic healing and other healing ways to attend to the needs of your aging parents are important.

You might need a day companion or non medical caregiver beside your parent who is now in a nursing home.

You might need a care team to monitor daily both your parents , the house , medications and caregivers.

We can guide you.



It is like going to a doctor’s office or ER. When presented with a groin pain, the admitting nurse, PA or NP asks you standard questions. What is the level of your pain now? Other questions will determine if you have clots, aneuryism, vascular health issues, stroke, hernia and then a blood and urine test is taken. Your BP is measured and some times they will inspect your legs. The patient questionnaire is old and not updated based on many new medical and non medical research, findings and best practice.

That is why a real artificial intelligence in the health care industry is hard to define and set a standard.

But not knowing other factors, what you did 3 days ago, what did you eat, what kind of working environment do you have and past health issues will be a disadvantage to predict the root cause of your health issue.

The medical narrative, caregiving needs and matching the care needed for your aging parents takes a village and must consider many factors and solutions.

Let us help you.


How to find calmness , a caregiver at your side

calm finds me

Email on how to find calmness in your life.

Anxiety is the number one health issue of seniors.

We ensure that they are calm. We give them good sleep, massage, whole foods and a companion they can trust. But at times, they could not sleep. Melatonin have helped them.

For most bay area seniors, they worry about the house they left behind since they are now living in a care home for seniors.

For those who live alone, they worry about sales calls, sales people knocking on their door, their finances and many other worries.

We help remove some of these anxieties for seniors in the bay area who need assistance in daily living , a caregiver or home helper. Cities we serve for non medical in home caregiving includes Atherton, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Santa Clara county, Saratoga, Los Gatos and nearby cities.



How to get faster response when hiring a caregiver for seniors?

When you call 408-854-1883, be ready with your budget, availability, non-medical senior caregiving needs and other questions that you have for Motherhealth caregivers.

About the founder of Motherhealth

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Our consultations are free of charge. These consultations include free referrals to care homes and nursing homes, senior safing your homes, preventing emergencies, nutritional needs of seniors and caregiving services with Motherhealth. Allow 24 hours for us to start work, assign a caregiver and train the caregivers. Some times, there are 2 caregivers for a 24/7 service or 3 for  three shifts.


We provide care on an hourly basis with a minimum of 5 hours per visit , with price starting at $25 per hr and less when it is more than 5 hours. We can provide care up to 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.  For areas more than 1 hour outside of the bay area, we can service only for live-in caregiving at least 2-7 days a week.


Overnight care is provided as needed. Caregivers can typically work 7 to 10 hours during the night.

24-Hour Care

We are able to provide 24 hour care any day of the week. This could be staffed with three eight hour shifts or 2 live-in caregivers with one working 3 days and one working 4 days a week.


With Motherhealth caregivers, you can reach someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 408-854-1883 via text or email . Our case managers are available outside of regular business hours to assist you with your needs.

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Steps in hiring a caregiver with Motherhealth

  1. We help qualify your caregiver based on the health needs of your parents with Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s or other health issues that need 24/7 care or at least 4hr care each day.
  2. We help train and monitor your caregivers who needs to tag team with us to ensure that all the caregiving needs of your parents are met at home.
  3. We ensure that caregivers are ready when you need them so that we have relievers (second caregivers) and shift workers (3 shifts of 8hrs each) for 24/7 or a similar shift assignment.
  4. We respond within 24hrs of your call to find the caregiver based on your location and schedule.
  5. We take care of our caregivers so that they can take care of your parents who are seniors homebound and need assistance in daily living (bathing, feeding, med mgt, transferring, elimination, dressing, exercise, light housekeeping, driving to appointments and more).
  6. We help in ensuring that your house is senior safe, where falls and other emergencies are avoided.
  7. We take care of your seniors like a family, being a loving and caring companion, making them smile and laugh, respecting their dignity, massaging their aching bodies and more.


Yelp experience, senior care services in the bay area

In promoting my senior care services, I asked others where to advertise.  Caregivers hotline, newspaper, craigslist and other online social media can help promote a business. I started with word of mouth and giving out seminars on Caregiving tips.  Meeting seniors in senior centers and their homes also helped in finding clients who need caregivers because they have hospice care or living alone with Alzheimer’s or Parkinsons.  Their family would call me from my craigslist ad. I will go to their house and give tips on senior proofing the house to avoid falls and ask them what they are looking for in a caregiver and what the needs of their parents are.

Some of my business owners friends like and dislike

And I am trying yelp this time to have a good start for my business in 2016.

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Motherhealth caregivers for hourly or live in care, 408-854-1883

Cost of senior care services

Senior Services for Alzheimer’s and other health issues

When caring for an Alzheimer’s client, there are varying in-home health care costs based on level of care for. Seniors with different types of mental health challenges starts with Dementia and progresses to Alzheimer. Caregivers are trained to be patient with a senior who have memory issues and have to be ready for assisting with transferring (from wheel chair to bed) as mobility is restricted during the last stage of Alzheimer’s.

In home care includes assistance in daily living include feeding, bathing, transferring, toileting, dressing, cooking, massage, shopping,driving and light housekeeping.

Senior caregiving service costs

Price ranges for caregivers in the bay area helping seniors at home ( in home health services ) is from $15 per hr to $25 per hr. Live-in caregiving costs can vary from $250 to $350 per 24-hr care. Some in home care agencies are asking for $4000 deposit and $5000 fee when you hire their caregivers directly. Some caregiving for in home care or respite care can last from 1 week to 10 years. Care homes, nursing homes, assisted living, or nursing homes cost ranges from $3000 – $12000 per month.

Health insurance or the government does not pay for in home care or caregivers.

Most seniors pay out of pocket costs or their long term care insurance can also pay for it depending on their LTC policies.

Hidden costs of not having a caregiver includes: death of the client or family member as a result of stress from caregiving, emergencies, and increased severity of the disease.


Contact 408-854-1883 for In Home Care with caring caregivers from Motherhealth in the bay area for homebound seniors with Alzheimer’s or other disease.