In-home caregivers can prevent re-admission and an important care team member

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Hospitals are penalized for high re-admission rates. In home caregivers can prevent re-admission. Call 408-854-1883 for bay area in home caregivers. Caregivers work 24/7 and monitor the seniors at home providing preventive healing ways and emergency care prevention.

As a caregiver for my own mother with groin pain during the last few days, I was able to relieve her pain with home care from foot massage (massage oil mixed with lemon grass and eucalyptus essential oils), supplementation (Vitamin B, D, C, omega 3 and turmeric/ginger capsule), nutrition, and other caring ways.

Caregivers treat their clients like family. Motherhealth caregivers send text to their care coordinators and family members of the client for every day needs and health issues.

Each new caregiver is trained for the health needs and  daily care routine of the client as written down in a daily journal by each caregiver.

Current medications are observed for side effects and efficacy.

There are many more intangible benefits of having a caregiver. Cost is an issue in the bay area that is why some seniors do reverse mortgage to pay for their in home care. Those who can afford can apply for support from Santa Clara In Home Health Support Services which pay our caregivers $13 per hour and the family pays for the difference.


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Dear Readers,

Your referrals to Motherhealth caregivers at 408-854-1883 for bay area seniors needing caregivers is much appreciated. I will continue on sharing more health topics for you to share with others and be empowered about your health.

Each of us has challenges in our health and the health of our love ones. Do take action every day to benefit your health, mind and body.


Connie Dello Buono

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When do you need a caregiver for your homebound senior

We need a companion, home helper or caregiver for our 70plus mom and dad who live alone to avoid emergencies, to allow us to function and take care of our bodies too in the same way we care for our parents, to give more quality time to our aging parents and to provide the necessary care (non-medical) such as exercises, walking,massage,assistance in daily living (bathing, feeding, others).

Having an Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease is very challenging. We want to avoid the following when caring for seniors with degenerative disease:


Many medications have side effects such as dizziness, headaches, feeling tired, contipation and more.  When the legs are weak due to health issues and exacerbated by lack of exercise and over medication, fall can happen when there is no assisted device such as cane or rollator, living alone and lack of energy from the body (lack of iron, mental health issues, digestive health issues, lack of sleep, others).


Sometimes older adults are addicted to pain killers or other medications when not supervised and can result to emergencies for them and the people around them.  Living alone can also exacerbate the issue.

Lack of assistance in daily living leading to more issues

Just having a companion can mean a lot to a senior who lives alone. They need constant interaction and be read to and have someone to walk or exercise or drive around town.  Bathing and dressing will be more difficult based on the health condition.  Many times during the night, seniors get up or need to be changed (diaper changed) and have to be calmed due to anxiety issues (major issue).  Caregivers know that constipation can lead to many more health issues (mental,physical and aggrevation of current health issues). They constantly monitor whether the client is breathing properly, responding well, has appetite, need to be warmed or has a UTI.

Stories from caregivers

One client was told by his doctor that he has only 6 months to live. His caregiver started him on a healthy diet of greens and healthy protein. He lived for 5 more years.  You will hear the caregiver talk to him daily, Do you need anything Henry? Are you cold? Do you need your food now?


Contact Motherhealth caregivers at 408-854-1883 for holistic caregiving to your homebound bay area seniors.



Medicare Part D, Save a senior

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I work with a team to help educate seniors on Medical,Medicare and Medical Advantage programs in the USA.

Contact Connie Dello Buono, CA Life and Health Ins Lic 0G60621 to attend an educational seminar to prepare for long term care before age 65 yrs old. 408-854-1883

And do read this handbook:

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