Stroke Awareness with Dr. Ali Krisht

Stroke Awareness with Dr. Ali Krisht

“‘Time is Brain’ when it comes to treatment and brain health after a stroke,” Dr. Ali Krisht, director of the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute at CHI St. Vincent, said when asked about stroke treatment and care.

Think of a stroke as a brain attack. Someone who has a stroke either has a clot or a bleeding blood vessel in the brain. And the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. Without oxygen, brain cells start to die within minutes. And once they’re dead, they can’t be replaced.

Treatment Options for a Stroke
For a stroke caused by a blood clot, a drug called tPA is used. That stands for tissue plasminogen activator. It dissolves the blood clots that cause stroke. This drug dramatically reduces the amount of damage caused by stroke when not treated or when treatment is delayed. The sooner these drugs are given, the less damage to the brain and the body and less disability to the patient.

For bleeding blood vessels that cause stroke, treatment is surgery. Tiny clamps are used to stop blood flow and to keep the aneurysm from bursting. In a few cases, a bypass surgery on a blood vessel in the brain can be performed to direct blood to a region of the brain. It’s the same type of surgery that is used in heart bypass surgery – just on the brain.

Time Matters
The window of time for the best results is within three hours of the first signs of stroke. After three hours, treatment is less effective because brain cells die by the minute.

Signs of a Stroke
Stroke symptoms often occur suddenly including numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body, confusion, trouble speaking or understanding. A person might have trouble seeing in one or both eyes. They might have trouble walking, become dizzy or lose their balance. And some patients say they have a severe headache that hits like a clap of thunder – the worst headache they’ve had in their life.

If you suspect you or someone you love is experiencing stroke-like symptoms, call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

Act FAST if you Suspect a Stroke
When someone has a stroke, minutes matter. That’s why spotting stroke symptoms are critical! Symptoms include:

  • Face. Does one side of the face droop?
  • Arms. Does one arm drift downward when being raised?
  • Speech. Does the speech sound slurred or strange?
  • Time. If you observe any of these, call 911!

Keeping your Brain Healthy
“The brain is a muscle, just like all the other muscles in your body,” says Dr. Krisht. “That’s why it is important to practice it every day to make sure it continues to grow.” Good health for your brain includes good blood flow and proper oxygen levels, which can be provided by regular exercise. Another way to ensure the health of the brain is by eating healthy. By eating healthy, you are less likely to have clogged arteries which causes strokes – keeping a good environment for the brain.

Keeping your brain active also helps it to continue to grow. This is especially important as you age. Activities such as learning something new, staying social, and keeping busy with tasks that cause cognitive thinking to occur help keep the brain alert and healthy.

The last very important thing to remember for maintaining a healthy brain is not participating in recreational or illegal drug usage. Every time drugs are taken, they have a direct effect of damaging areas of the brain and brain cells. Plus, the brain pressure is raised to malignant levels where the arteries going to the brain can become injured and cause a mini-stroke and bleeding in the brain.

Learn more about brain health and the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute at

How we help slow down aging with seniors with ALS, Parkinson and AD

CNS atrophy leads to muscle atrophy and lack of exercise can facilitate virus and inflammation attacks. With exercise, simple range of motion that seniors can carry will help slow down ALS, Parkinson and Azheimers disease.

We start with whole foods rich in Vitamin C and zinc to fight the virus and inflammation. We do simple stretch , do not over stretch before moving or transferring the patient.

Our seniors are thriving with our care that is compassionate and hands on allowing the seniors to do simple exercises while sitting or on their bed.

Bath soaks: hydrogen peroxide and EPSOM salts

Veggie smoothie: greens, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coconut oil, soaked nuts, lime

Breakfast smoothie: soaked nuts (cashew, almonds, walnut), probiotic, ginger, turmeric, blueberries, banana, avocado, strawberries, amino acid powder and Orgain protein shake

Parasites, virus and cancer are factors that make them wake up in the middle of the night and not get adequate sleep. So we incorporate turmeric, lemon, garlic, ginger, onions, veggies and Vitamin C rich foods in their meals which we made into a smoothie.

Call 408-854-1883 for holistic bay area caregivers.

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How to navigate caregiving and the health of your parents in their 70s

Sandwich generations have to care for their families and their parents at the same time. Blessed are those with long term care insurance but for the rest, out of pocket costs starts from $25 per hour or more. What you get is more than a companion, home care aid or caring caregivers with the following tasks: driving, cooking, massage, light housekeeping and assistance in daily living such as bathing ,grooming, transferring, exercise, feeding and med management.

Many emergencies can be avoided with home care aid or caregiver at home with your parents such as constipation, dehydration, Urinary tract infection, heart attack, infection and anxiety.

So what to do if you can avail of a caregiver, hire one and start at 6 hours or live-in. You will still be a hands on caregiver for your parents during Saturdays and Sundays and care for your own health too. Motherhealth caregivers provide compassionate care with massage and more tasks that can help prevent emergencies. For bay area caregivers text or call 408-854-1883 or email

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Holistic Senior Care , pain and arthritis mgt every Wednesday in San Jose CA

Holistic Senior Care , pain and arthritis mgt presented by Motherhealth caregivers

What: Learn how to use holistic senior home care in giving comfort to those with chronic health issues, terminally ill and home alone from Connie Dello Buono.  Learn pain and arthritis management from Quli Zhou, L.Ac. MS

When: Every Wednesdays, starting next week at 11/14/2018 , 6-7:00pm at 1066 Saratoga Ave #100 San Jose CA 95129 ; 1-hour Q&A

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pic 5.JPG Connie has been helping home bound seniors live with
comfort and in the company of loving caregivers.
She uses massage , nutrition and herbs complimenting
the current standard of care of those with stroke, cancer,
Alzheimer and other chronic health care issues.
She has been training caregivers and families
about holistic care. Many of her clients live longer
and are happy with their caregivers matched my Connie.
She owns Motherhealth LLC providing holistic and
caring caregivers to homebound bay area seniors. 408-854-1883
quli Dr. Quli Zhou has over 25 years of experience and
has treated over 10,000 patients. Trained in China
she is a Master Graduate of Chengdu University of
Chinese Medicine, and received the Acupuncturist
of the year award in 2001. She was also rewarded
as a distinguished professor of Chinese medicine
in 1995 and listed in the “Who’s Who” in 2002.
She specializes in treating pain, digestion problems,
depression, infertility and woman’s hormone imbalance.
Other speakers We welcome other speakers and collaborators to serve bay area
in areas of wellness and holistic senior care.


Inviting all estate planners and those caring for parents with Alzheimer’s

Bay Area Dementia and Alzheimer’s Awareness Q&A sponsored by Motherhealth Caregivers 408-854-1883 ;  RSVP for November and December, weekly 1-2 hour series with snacks


Connie Dello Buono , health author and senior home care professional. Connie has over 15 years of residential care home admin CA license and caregiver trainer. Connie also helped many bay area seniors live in the comforts of their home with gourmet cooking, massage and health monitoring.

Other Speakers are Estate Planners, Financial planners, Health and Long term care insurance agents, Acupuncturists and Nutritionists

Email for collaboration and mail your donation to Motherhealth 501c6 at 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose , CA 95124

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