My 83-yr old mother’s fight against liver cancer

She does not want to be bed ridden or be dependent on others but she is always feeling fatigue, nauseous, itchy skin, constipated, have diarrhea, severe headache and in severe body pain.

After working for more than 18 years in the bay area in home care setting, she is now fighting liver cancer.  We wanted to not let her know of the liver cancer diagnosis but she was adamant. She knows her body well.

We use the following holistic healing ways with combination medical treatment to cleanse her body from liver cancer:

  • Prescribed meds for pain, constipation, diarrhea
  • IV of Vitamin C
  • Supplements
  • Whole foods
  • Massage
  • Sunshine
  • Fresh ocean air
  • Sleep
  • De-stressing tools

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Motherhealth caregivers well loved by bay area families needing home care

Compliments from families we cared for in the bay area needing home care from our caregivers….

MotherHealth caregivers began taking care of my 76 year old husband at our home when he was released from the hospital about 8 months ago with a prognosis of 6-12 months to live. My husband is an amputee, in 24 hour high flow oxygen with congestive heart failure and Interstitial Lung Disease, as well as a “book” of other medical conditions. My husband did not want to spend the end of his life in a skilled nursing facility. MotherHealth caregivers helped me transition to having my husband cared for, which was very overwhelming to begin with. As of this writing, my husband is stable and happy, so may very well exceed the life expectancy given while he was in the hospital. I attribute a lot of his well being to the care he received from MotherHealth caregivers at 4088541883

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More compliments from senior families we serve….

My  mom is 94, ambulatory, uses a walker, uses oxygen, and is a fall risk due to balance issues. She also needs medication reminders, meals, personal care and light housekeeping. Motherhealth home care has provided excellent, dependable, and trustworthy caregivers for us since May 2017. My mom is happy and very well cared for. I believe Connie of motherhealth at will work hard to find just the right caregiver(s) for your particular needs. I wish you the best. , and under

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The main goal is a one-stop shop and service concierge to help 50plus with health and other life issues.

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When to hire a live-in or 12-hour caregiver in the bay area

Seniors who are in hospice and with no help at home, needs a live-in care.

Seniors in the bay area with family at home, only need 12-hour care per doctor’s recommendation.

Sometimes, it is cheaper to have a live-in caregiver when you have a room for the caregiver. It is recommended when you are far from the bay area and need 24-hour care per doctor’s recommendation.

Most of the time, caregiving fee is a factor in hiring a live in or 12-hour home care.

Let us help you find a matching caregiver based on your 12-hour home care or live-in care needs. Our caregivers are trained and monitor to match your home care needs in the bay area. Caregivers prepare healthy meals and include massage in their home care.

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Liver meridians, points to access to promote healing

My 83 yr old mom had liver health issues after working for more than 18 years as a caregiver for bay area seniors. With yellowing skin, itchy and so fragile, we use holistic means to promote wellness while she finished her antibiotics.

We had a former senior with kidney issues that loves our foot massage. Liver and kidneys do well with foot massage. Our caregiving service includes massage, hugs and gourmet healthy meals.

Text 408-854-1883 if you need a loving caregiver and holistic home care.

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