What home alone seniors need – a hug and a caring companion

Hugging and massaging our seniors we care for help them relax and not be anxious. Anxiety is the major illness that lowers their immune system, increases stress and takes a toll on their bodies.

Many home alone seniors in the bay area needs a caring caregiver. Some low income can avail of the IHSS and most pay out of pocket. A 4-hour , 8-hour or live-in care can mean the difference between avoiding chronic disease or avoiding emergencies.

Seniors can also open their homes to students and other seniors. Case managers at Motherhealth caregivers, 408-854-1883, can help seniors in the bay area match a caregiver, companion, student or another senior to be their companion or caregiver.

A senior can calm her nerves by praying with deep breaths

Praying is an act of repetitive task that puts our brain to sleep. It let’s us be calm, compose and meditate. Our blood pressure becomes normal as we observe ourselves in calmness and peace. With one purpose , to find serenity and joy, praying is a great tools for seniors to live long.

Connie Dello Buono, Caregiver and case manager for Motherhealth 24/7 caregivers 408-854-1883

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