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Solving other people’s problems

My son would listen to his friends complain about life and he tells them how fortunate they are in what they have. My daughter also listens to her friends, sad and depressed and put a smile in their face. We need to have the time to listen to others. Those who only needs a differentContinue reading “Solving other people’s problems”

Do not be limited by what you think or others think

Do not be limited by what you think or others think. Have a goal and find ways to achieve it, one day at a time. Below is an explanation about LIMITING BELIEFS , why for the most part it is not going to bring happiness and success. My daughter would assess first her time ,Continue reading “Do not be limited by what you think or others think”

Your thoughts can have a profound impact on your health

I will breath deeply for I refuse to leave my cells unoxygenated. I will guard my  mind vigilantly when receiving a “diagnosis”. And will use my own voice and power to make my body strong. Be nourished by whole foods and quality supplementation. Getting clean water and fresh air and most important sunshine. Be away fromContinue reading “Your thoughts can have a profound impact on your health”

Inviting all 2300 Eli Lilly laid off employees

I am inviting all 2300 Eli Lilly laid off employees to join me at Motherhealth LLC to match caregivers with seniors in the bay area and with

Pharmanex scanner (created by NIH) and nutrition protocols to impact the health of others with focus on prevention and care for our aging population.  Portion of the profits go to feed the children of the world. 

With Motherhealth , more than 10% of the profit helps pay for tuition fees of college students in California and the Philippines.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com your contact info.

A senior can calm her nerves by praying with deep breaths

Praying is an act of repetitive task that puts our brain to sleep. It let’s us be calm, compose and meditate. Our blood pressure becomes normal as we observe ourselves in calmness and peace. With one purpose , to find serenity and joy, praying is a great tools for seniors to live long.

Connie Dello Buono, Caregiver and case manager for Motherhealth 24/7 caregivers 408-854-1883

Save Time, Be Happier, Eliminate Choices

Are you confronted with a choice? Here are a few suggestions to avoid getting trapped in vicious choice circles: If what you currently have works, consider staying with that. Sometimes the best choices are the ones we already made. Like a particular type of shoes? Get another of the same type. Like your laptop, getContinue reading “Save Time, Be Happier, Eliminate Choices”

Why marry for the second time?

Soul mate , sex , massage , monogamy , social status, possession , pride , better status in the society , spousal right during legal disputes Spiritual-faith , Time , Shoulder to cry on , Schedule , Dance partner , Happiness Love , Catholic , Food , Cooking , Budget , death , Clothing ,Continue reading “Why marry for the second time?”

Positive impact of Google, internet, Youtube, Airbnb, UBER, Facebook, computers, smart phones, dietary supplements

An architect who lives in San Francisco was able to save $6000 per year using UBER. Thousands of cities get more visitors who can live affordably using AIRBNB. Many people learn new skills using the Internet, Youtube and Google. Families are united after many years of absence because of finding each other in Facebook. MoreContinue reading “Positive impact of Google, internet, Youtube, Airbnb, UBER, Facebook, computers, smart phones, dietary supplements”

Loves notes in time for Valentine’s day by Rosalie Maggio

Phrases From the first moment Hardly wait for the day when How I long to How much you mean to me If I had only one wish If only you knew In my heart I often think of Make life worth living Memories that keep me going Miss you so much One of the happiestContinue reading “Loves notes in time for Valentine’s day by Rosalie Maggio”

Pope Francis, son of migrant, visit to the Philippines

Son of migrants Lolo Kiko: Pope Francis in the eyes of the Filipino Exactly 86 years before the Pope flies to the Philippines, his family ended a life-changing voyage by sea – eventually producing the first Pope who, in his own words, came “from the ends of the earth.” It was January 1929. The Bergoglios arrivedContinue reading “Pope Francis, son of migrant, visit to the Philippines”

Life instructions for my children in college

To my children in college, mom’s lessons she learned and wished you knew before you take a leap Forgive but not forget, always fill your mind with positive and happy thoughts Learn from your mistakes, know the cues of what is going to be a wrong decision Gratitude will bring you blessings untold, and keepContinue reading “Life instructions for my children in college”

Coming out victorius in life’s struggles

Dear children, As both of you are born at home and I have shielded you from the hi and lows of emotions and life stresses, now that you are grown I want you to be victorius when life throws you an ultimate stressor.  Surround yourself with people who support and love you unconditionally. A hugContinue reading “Coming out victorius in life’s struggles”