Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for

Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for until they can independently live in this world, ready with their college degrees or creative passions.

We model our good behavior to our children or God’s children and it is our honor when they grew up as responsible citizens, loving and caring other human beings.  We are temporary caretakers of our children and we do not own or possess them. They are children of God and not our own. We are tasked to take care of them until they can take care of themselves.

Religion is a place to worship and not to limit us in the way we love or treat others. Positive cultural practices are followed and negative , dehumanized cultural norms are not followed as we are human beings, with free will and love.

I am sad of some honor killings in Pakistan. Let the future children believe that this world is filled with human love, not limited by cultural practices without love and compassion and not limited by religion that judges one because of abortion, marrying another without parental permission and so on.

I am sad that there is no family planning in the Philippines. A household of 6 siblings and the father and mother have no jobs. The children has to labor to put food on the table. And the older children dependent on their parents for everything. I am sad there is not enough jobs in the Philippines and not everyone can survive without help from other family members or relatives, college education is not free and other misfortunes.

I am positive that the future is bright if we have love in our hearts and passion to fulfill our dreams, to finish college and to find a better job.

I am hopeful for the USA without Trump or with Trump but still hoping that US politicians will put the people’s issues first and not their own.


‘Super-parenting’ improves children’s autism

By James Gallagher

Better than good

The researchers’ idea was simple: improve mum’s and dad’s parenting to improve the social skills of the child.

Dr Catherine Aldred, a consultant speech and language therapist with Stockport NHS Trust, stressed it was not about blaming the parents.

“We’re taking the parent’s interaction with the child and taking it to a ‘super’ level, these children need more than ‘good enough’, they need something exceptional,” she said.

Exceptional is hard work. Parents were recorded with their child, who might have been sitting, playing alone.

But mum and dad were then shown a highlights package of the easily-missed moments when the autistic child subtly moved to play with their parents.

Communication specialists then worked with the parents to give them the skills to get the most out of these brief moments.

In small steps, it eventually moved on to getting the child to speak more.

Louisa told the BBC: “You notice things you wouldn’t notice in real time.

“Things like waiting, giving Frank plenty of time to communicate and commenting rather than questioning him, which puts on pressure to respond.

Connie’s comments: When I was a childbirth educator, I stressed the importance of conscious parenting, being attentive to your children, use massage, sleep with your babies and communicating with them in positive and healthy ways.

Love and tolerance and not hate and bigotry

Such bigotry isn’t limited to any specific part of the country. In a recent incident in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — a neighborhood that is held up as the archetype of the gentrification of New York City — two Muslim women were the targets of anti-Muslim sentiment.

Amani Alkhat and Eman Bare say they were on their way to lunch, and waiting at a stoplight when an employee of a bar said to them, over his shoulder: “ISIS.”

According to a Facebook post she wrote following the incident, Alkhat turned around and said, “Excuse me?” to the man, who grinned and responded, “Are you a part of ISIS? I’m just asking!”

She continued:

He had some bad luck in the Muslim women he chose to harass today, right? We immediately turned around and confronted him. I asked, “Well, are you a part of the KKK? Are you a Nazi? Actually, are you a mass shooter? Are you going to light us up right now?” I guess these two so-called oppressed girls in headscarves scared him off, because he quickly gathered his things to run back into his store. I guess he didn’t believe ‪#‎MuslimWomenTalkBack‬!

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Diet Plan, gardening and love

image1Connie’s Oxygen Diet Plan

I call this diet plan as oxygen rich meaning that all the proper nutrients work in synergy to allow more oxygen flow to the cells. The blood is not thick or viscous with less toxins as cleaned by our lympathic system. There is just the right amount of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, protein, carbs, essential fatty acids sourced from whole foods.  Salt is not restricted in this diet plan but as we age our taste buds are not complete, so just use a pinch when cooking and do not sprinkle too much on your cooked dish. Kelp and parsley are rich in iodine and salt (use sea salt).

  1. Eat food rich in oxygen, brightly colored/dark greens (pears,kale,squash, yams, 3omega in fish,others)
  2. Combine happy foods (eggs,yams)  and foods rich in phophatidyl choline (soy lecithin, cauliflower, spinach, wheat germ, firm tofu, kidney beans, quinoa and amaranth) with acidophilus/pickled veggies and digestive enzymes (pineapple/papaya) through out the week
  3. Fast (once a month) and up intake of Vitamin C rich foods.
  4. Drink in between meals (green tea, warm) and bite of apples/cantaloupe/water melon in between meals.
  5. Chew your food well and sleep more.
  6. Dance and move always.
  7. Volunteer,garden and love more.

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Thank you

thank you card from Ubercountries

Thank you readers for reading my stories and posts.

It perks up my day knowing that you are reading my post and sharing them.

That we may have more healthy people

That we can depend less and spend less on medications

And spend more time with each other

Building a healthy planet.

Connie Dello Buono


Some of the stories I tell others include:

I have been in the bayarea for about 20 yrs with two teens in college.

I love California and the people. Been to Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Oregon, East Coast and South California but the bayarea is my favorite.

I had my babies at home with the help of midwives which help me start my thirst for more health information.

I blog at http://www.clubalthea.com focusing on Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.

I have more than one job..

And so on…


Your heart is your destiny and when you find love

What to do?

Do not let Love go

For many have to travel mountains to find love

You just found the spiritual relationship that you seek

That you deserve as your heart is your destiny

Listen to your heart as it helps you focus

On the person you can walk with for the rest of your life

No matter what changes in us, we are bound to our

Spiritual relationship, the partner our heart choses

With honesty, truth, humility and love for each other

Nurture Love like a gardener

With daily hugs and kisses and care

For in the end, when all things leave

Our words of comfort is the last to go

The way we communicate to one another

Binds us each day and gives energy to our cells

To minimize aging with caring words

And touch that regenerates cells in other areas of our bodies