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17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips fro m Neil Patel

17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) Home » Blog » Content Marketing » 17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) If you have a website, the chances are good that it’s a WordPress site. How do I know that? Because it’s hugely popular. Over 75 million websites run on WordPress (that’s 27.5% of all websites globally). There have been 2.5 billion

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Let us help you brand your product at Amazon

Here are lessons for new enterpreneurs who want to sell a product and put their brand on it: Do not go for seasonal, restricted and gimmicky products Have a least 5 suppliers ready to deliver your order Do not sell a product that has a selling price of $10 Use PPC, other sales tools and

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Day 2 – Transform in the way you value your time and money

How do you maximize your income? By saving more and making your money work for you. But how? It can be a hobby that becomes a side business. Do you value your time that you do not waste it on something that will not give you future value in terms of happiness, retirement income or

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