17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips fro m Neil Patel

17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) Home » Blog » Content Marketing » 17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) If you have a website, the chances are good that it’s a WordPress site. How do I know that? Because it’s hugely popular. Over 75 million websites run on WordPress (that’s 27.5% of all websites globally). There have been 2.5 billion […]

Day 2 – Transform in the way you value your time and money

How do you maximize your income? By saving more and making your money work for you. But how? It can be a hobby that becomes a side business. Do you value your time that you do not waste it on something that will not give you future value in terms of happiness, retirement income or […]

Basic ROI Calculation

Basic ROI Calculation A review of the basic ROI calculation and its use within IT project proposals ROI (return on investment) is a widely used measure to compare the effectiveness of IT systems investments. It is commonly used to justify IT projects, but can measure project returns at any stage. Definition of ROI The basic […]

Google cloud seminar Feb 13 Santa Clara Convention Center

Cloud OnBoard Start_Training { Few Seats Remaining: You are invited to Cloud OnBoard Santa Clara RSVP NOW } Hi, Google Cloud Onboard is coming to your area next week. Make sure to secure your spot where you will receive an in-depth technical introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The training has been designed to help you understand and get started with cloud services such as […]