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6 Transferable Skills That Veterans Bring to Your Company

From The Training Associates

6 Transferable Skills That Veterans Bring to Your Company

November 11 is Veterans Day, and The Training Associates wants to recognize and thank the brave women and men who have selflessly served our country!
Professionally, we are attuned to the type of skills that help our client organizations succeed, and veterans can readily contribute to your organization’s success with these transferable skills that they have honed in the military.
Hiring veterans is smart business for corporations looking for talent with a deep well of various skills – spanning the range from technical to supply chain management, to procurement, to IT, to executive leadership, and the list goes on.
All civilian organizations will benefit from:

The Discipline of Veterans

Veterans are used to a ‘mission critical’ mindset and are very disciplined, with an
astute focus on quality, safety and detail. This task-oriented work style, built on a
trained maturity and responsibility to solve problems and follow through until the job
is done, will benefit any role whether based on hard skills or soft skills.
Veterans are true self-starters that know how to analyze and resolve difficult and complex problems without constant guidance from supervisors.

The Teamwork of Veterans

Camaraderie is core within the military, and is one of the most important soft skills a
veteran can bring to an organization. They spend months, if not years, collaborating
with and trusting their team members to stay safe and complete important tasks.
Regardless of being the team leader or a team member, veterans understand how
genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues and how diverse
people can work together towards a goal.
Veterans are good at collaboration, because that’s what they have to do in the field, and often under duress.

The Adaptability of Veterans

Exactly like in the business arena, military campaigns require a great deal of
planning. However, what the military keenly emphasizes is the adaptability to
change direction on demand and reacting to ever-shifting conditions. Nowhere is
adaptability more needed than in the military, where soldiers have very little choice
but to be flexible.
This “adjust and adapt” flexibility is highly desired in the business world, predominantly for the high-tech industry where priorities change rapidly. Given the pace of modern life, adaptability should be embraced by all organizations, from start-ups to blue-chip conglomerates.

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